Monday, November 12, 2007


Best: I have a new (to me) car that is really cute and zippy.
Worst: Last night I had to crawl across to the passenger side as the driver's door won't open. I do not have time for this folks!!
Best: I DO have a "bumper to bumper" warranty.

Best: Today is Max's birthday and we're going out for breakfast
Worst: I hope he likes what I got him...

Best: My folks are coming to town for Thanksgiving
Worst: I have to find a restaurant that isn't "booked solid."
Best: My parents are too cute, their image of a "restaurant Thanksgiving" is when they took the train to Krakow (as in POLAND) and had a great meal. Um, the last time I checked, Poles don't celebrate the American holiday Thanksgiving. When was the last time they lived overseas? Um, like ten years or more ago? I'm grateful (which is why it's a best) that this makes me grin.
Worst: I have to find a restaurant that isn't "booked solid."

Best: I had an intimate birthday party. Last year was wonderful, but I didn't really have any conversations, well, except for with Max.
Best: I thanked him for coming to my birthday party last year (i.e. six months before I considered him dateable) and he said, "Well, it's about time." He makes me smile. And laugh.
and that is a best best best best.

Today is SUPER-busy. So I better get on it. I have to wrap gifts before I go off to the chiropractor. Oh, and figure out what to wear, and...

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SneakyPeek said...

I love this post!
I hope Max likes what you go him too.
Keep us posted. :-)