Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oh, she's got you running errands, you know, picking up wedding dresses... Wah-pah!

(for the rest of this hilarious sequence from Friends, go here.)

There are days like these: where all I can think about is the injustice of Big marrying the young Natasha. Or Ross marrying Emily. Or Charlotte moaning, “I’ve been dating since I was fifteen, where is he??” These are the days when I want to walk into TV-Land and live in “The one with all the wedding dresses."

Today I don’t even want a date, or even a kiss. I want division of labor. Someone else to drop off the laundry at Fluff and Fold, or another pair of eyes to help me find my watch or a clean shirt (found both, thanks!). Someone else to drop the car for an oil change and remember to tell the guy high mileage oil (I forgot.) But I did have a coupon, woo hoo!

(And if you're chomping at the bit to comment about how your hubbies don't help, save your breath. Today is not the day to mess with me!! I'm in the middle of UMS--ugly mood swings--and not to be trifled with.)

So I indulged in a little retail therapy. A new purse (some women have shoes, I have purses.) Well…I have both. But when everything feels swollen and you don’t want anyone to TOUCH you unless it’s a hug, you know better than to try on shoes at Target. So I got a new bag. Because when EE Sally called me to see if I could watch the boys in a few weeks I couldn't find my phone before it stopped ringing. And wouldn’t you know, my new bag matches my wallet. I’ll post pictures anon.

Am enjoying Much Ado about Jessie Kaplan. The mixture of planning the daughter's bat mitvah, the sister's dating life...it's fun. Although, (not that it matters, it's just interesting) Cohen seems to love using name brands for things. It's not going shopping for new glasses, it's going to William Sonoma. It's not going to pick a bra for daughter, it's going to Marshalls. (Do authors get paid for product placement?)

Oh, and tomorrow starts the next session of Mother Goose. I love the program, but it is a bear to get me to work by 9 a.m.


KitchenKiki said...

Does mother goose get product placement for her stories? You could get sponsorship for the library-

Maybe the Old Woman lived in a shoe from Payless?

Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard to get her poor dog a Milk-Bone?

A Tisket A Tasket A Longeberger Basket?

And for that matter, what is a tisket? Is it anything like a Triscuit? Now I'm hungry...

How was your massage?

Sarah Louise said...

How about Pat a cake Pat a cake, Baker's Secret!

Kiki, you are good for me. You make me smile. How I needed that at the end of THIS day.



The massage was good, but today the cramps came back...if only I could have a massage every day this week...

daysgoby said...

I used to say I would only marry a man who would grocery shop.

Because, truly? A grotty chore.

nutmeg said...

Oh goody a handbag (purse) person! I have a few too many of those myself and I have the non-chore doing hubby as well ;-)

Amy said...

I completely agree about the division of labor thing. Last night, after three trips to the store and then realizing I didn't have ENOUGH wrapping paper - yeah, I was about ready for someone else to deal with the problem.

And I agree, for all those marrieds who say their husband doesn't do ANYTHING, that's EXACTLY what we have all the time. But I think they would be surprised at how much their husband actually does do...

Sarah Louise said...

Amy, YES! Because sharing a life with someone, even a child, you have someone else in your household, and believe me, THAT'S HUGE!

While I value my garret, there are times I would sell my soul for someone else to do the grocery shopping or SOMETHING.

DGB: grotty? I love that word!!

Meg--I'll post pics of the new purse soon.

KitchenKiki said...

I need to find a way to get Hubby Poo to do more grocery shopping. He knows I hate it, yet I usually am the one doing it.
At least he dug up the yard while I was shopping next week, so hopefully I'll have an herb garden soon. I wonder if the hedge will ever get done.

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