Monday, May 14, 2007

Sarah Louise and the Sad Giant Eagle

I call it the Sad Giant Eagle because it is clearly in an economically depressed area. I went there once, once upon a time, and decided never again. But today I needed a store and fast, so I went on the way home from the therapist's.

It wasn't so sad. I liked that the cashier and bag person both said to me, "No rush, we're a 24 hour store."

And I spent a LOT of money.

  • I got a Britta filter for on your faucet--but my faucet is so OLD it doesn't fit.
  • I got Zicam Cold/Flu--Nighttime. Well, and they didn't have any Daytime--I told you it was a sad store, so I just NOW woke up from a four hour nap. At first I was so scared that I missed the primaries...
So now, I must go back to GE, the one near me, which is a little less sad. And get the DAYTIME kind!!!

My therapist sorted this one out with me: I don't mind being sick because it allows me to be introverted without feeling guilty. Like, well, of course I can't go out, I'm sick! So I sit at home and read and watch somehow I need to incorporate more fun "introvert" stuff into my regular routine...

Especially since I have no more sick days left. The next time I get sick, I'll either have to call in dead or use vacation days (use vacation days is what I did this time.)

You've seen that mug, right? "I've used up all my sick-leave. I'm going to have to call in dead!"

Anyways, Ugh.

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KitchenKiki said...

we have a "Sad Giant" and a "Suburban Sunshine Giant"
The people at the sad giant are nicer in general, but the suburban giant has more stuff. Like my shrimp that I must have.