Saturday, May 05, 2007

Reading the sign on my desk...

It's been weeks since I've had any sort of decent conversation with any of the residents of 304 Nut St. in Virginia. (Or at least in my mind a long time.) I left a message last night that was something like "I'm so exhausted." I left a message earlier this week on Sis's cell, "I can't find my watch! I can't find my watch!*"

Did anyone call me back? Email me a NYT article on how to sort your underwear drawer so that you don't misplace watches or bras...

So when I picked up the phone, to call my family (the ones who had not called me...) I was ready to be snarky. "Don't you love me anymore???" And then I remembered that sign on my desk, that Bonhoeffer quote:

"The person who loves their dream of community (read: family) will destroy community (or their family) but the person who loves those around them will create community."

So when my dad answered and right away wanted to know how I was getting down South for Mother's Day, not even, how are you, daughter, we got your message, I took a deep breath and discussed transportation arrangements.

We chatted a bit, about movies: I catalogued a series of Polish films based on the 10 commandments (my 'rents lived in Poland for three years as the iron curtain dissolved). (The series of ten movies is called The Decalogue.) I told him I just finished watching Bobby. He told me about the happenings at their church, where my 'rents are really doing everything: nursery, ushering, Sunday School, clean up from communion...and the Sunday School is the hardest--it's a series on caring for our creation, not a popular topic, and on the weeks they weren't on field trips, my parents have been met with antagonism. Tomorrow is the last class.

Mom and Sis were at TJ Maxx shopping for a dress for graduation--yes, Sis graduates next weekend. And the following week is the Primaries, and that weekend is BJ's graduation party from Seminary (woo hoo) and the following weekend I have a wedding. Holy Calendar squares, Batman, I've got a busy month!! And I think I better be looking at my dresses...

I am determined to somewhat make this blog a little less eclectic and a little more focused--maybe a day of the week theme. Like Monday: anything, since it's my day off. Tuesday: Cataloguing, Wednesday, Kids stuff, Thursday, librarianship of any sort, Friday, TGIF, so something fun, and Saturday, more cataloguing, and Sunday, something spiritual.

Knowing me, I won't follow this to a T, and I may scrap the whole idea, but I really have not been following the kidlit blogs AT ALL and it makes me sad. Maybe more what I need is a reading schedule--and my reading would then influence my writing...

Ah really don't know.

But here's a tidbit: today there was a veteran selling poppies outside the Giant Eagle. I bought one on my way back to the car, and told him my grandfather was a Navy Chaplin. The veteran selling the poppies said he'd been in Korea and it occurred to me that yes, the WWII veterans would be very old by now. Wocka-Poppa (my pop-pop) died a year before I was born, and my Grandpa died when I was a senior in college, so in my mind, they are as young as they were the day they died. (Not so young, but younger than if they were still living--my grandma, who died two years ago, was 99 1/2.) I tied the poppy to the "Ich Liebe Dich/I love You" ornament that I have hanging off my rear view mirror. I'll take a picture.

But now, Internets, it is time to get ready for bed. I'm zonked.
*I suppose it is funnier with the actual thing I couldn't find, which was a bra.


weirdbunny said...

YOur life seems totally hectic this week. Considering your a librerian then I would assume being orderly with different catergories for each day of the week would be simple. However your not your average librean are you sweety !! No you always come across as so hectic, I don't think you'll manage it. Anyhow we love your blog just as it is !!!

nutmeg said...

Librean? Really? How did I miss that? I think the scales are so we can measure how out of balance we are at times!

And you are exhausting me - reading 1 week of posts in one sitting. You seem to be everywhere SL!

Sarah Louise said...

WB & Meg: This week? Try this month! Yes, things are totally hectic and I'm cruising for early burnout.

And scales? Are you thinking Libra? I meant Librarian. I'm a Sagittarius. I have something on my desk about how we need help slowing down. Ya THINK???