Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Housekeeping at ze blog n'at

So, a few things. I've updated my profile (twice--I added the bit about having a dark side after one of the ACK! posts last week).

I've added my "cockroll picture" and link to Schmutzie's roll--it's a whole stamp out cancer thing, which I am ALL FOR. Plus, she and her hubbie are BOTH great writers, they'll be on the rolls soon.

After all the blog rolls (which I hope to update/reorder soon...) I have two more new items, which also need updating, books I'm reading and items lost in my garret.

I took a long walk today, even walked the "family" stairs (I started praying for families about eight years ago when my current pastor was going through a divorce, and I prayed for them while I was on these stairs. I took pictures,* but I'll do pictures tomorrow.)

It felt good to walk. My legs still feel it, and I've been home, messing around on blogs n'at for at least a half hour.

*Whenever I take pictures now, I think of the captions I'd give them if I had a cool photoblog like Paula's. Like the stairs would be "Stairmaster" but they're these moss covered stone stairs...and the water fountain would be "Oasis." Caption-making makes me smile.

As you were. I'm off to get ready to go to Sewickley. The mileage this week is going to be out there. A trip to the moon, a trip to Sewickley...oh, and Monday I was bored and wanting Abate (which still isn't open?) so I drove out to Pittsburgh Mills. I had dinner at Red Robin.



SneakyPeek said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy.

Can't wait to check out what you are reading.


Sarah Louise said...

I updated what I'm reading. SATC the book was not as good as the show.

paula said...

You're sweet to mention me.

You too can have a photo blog if you want.

You take lovely pictures SL.