Thursday, May 24, 2007

6 Indulgences under $25 in Pittsburgh (In case you don't want to buy the $48 shorts from Free People)

(If you haven't read Blackbird's recent Italy/random/fashion post, go there now.)

1. Manicure (plain, no special decals) $12-14 depending on the salon.
2. Movie (matinee) $6.50
3. Playing Free Cell at Yahoo! Games: Free! (well, I suppose the cost of dial-up or DSL could be figured in, but who has time for that kind of algebra)
4. Visit to Café des Amis for lunch: ~$8.00 for sandwich and soup du jour or salad. (again, if you like algebra, you could figure in gas mileage to Sewickley.)
5. Dinner at Wendy's: ~$4.00 for small iced tea, Junior Cheeseburger Deluxe, and Baked Potato, 2 sour creams.
6. Trip to Library Book Nook: ~$15.00 for coffee (decaf), biscotti (chocolate covered), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (hardcover), The Time Traveler's Wife (paperback), Victoria Magazine's book on Calling Cards, an older Catalog for the Carnegie Art Museum, Three Musketeers (the one with Charlie Sheen) on VHS, and two other paperbacks...(algebra for Master's in Library Science tuition, 20% discount for staff, mileage for workplace that is a half hour away from home residence.)

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paula said...

I read The Time Travelers Wife long ago. Good book. Kind of sad but good.