Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another manic Saturday, oh I wish it was Monday, that's my fun day....

So...I got up, laid back down, blogged a bit, rushed off to work, worked from 9:30 to noon, scarfed down lunch at Kelly O's Diner, went to Target to get a gift off the wedding registry--the cashier said, "If it wasn't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done." Drove up to the video drop box at Giant Eagle, returning SATC Season Two, Vol?.

Drove home, wrapped the gift (a game!), took a shower, painted my toenails orange to match my shoes (here)*, and drove to Oakland for the wedding. Did I miss anything?

The wedding was BE-YOO-Gorgeous. The bride processed to "Anne's Theme" (you know, from Anne of Green Gables the movies?) It was so beautiful!! I almost regretted my decision to not attend the reception when I sat down next to E&A and then C sat down next to them. Plus, Alyssa & John did the music, and all the Woodworths were in attendance (the boys, almost 5--or is it 6?, were the ringbearers--AWWWW!). But I think it's much better to wish I had gone to the reception and think "oh that would have been nice" than to GO and regret it. My parents were in New Stanton when I left the wedding, so they should be here soon. I have a little bit of tidying to do before they get here.

Which I'll go Ta!

*I know there's a more recent pic, with the toenails but I can't find it and there they are, the 'rents (this was written in two stretches, as it took them MUCH longer than I expected.)

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