Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh, internets...or Sarah Louise shows her whining muscles in blogland

So, I'm in the crying jags place. I cried when Miranda got pregnant. I cried when she didn't have an abortion and Charlotte said, "We're having a baby?" (The SATC fans will get it.)

And now I'm thinking it's more prudent to stay home than to go away this weekend. To work a half day on Friday and Saturday and to take Monday off. (Or some combination of that.) Because Tuesday (the polls) will be hard. I mean, I've been getting up at 8 a.m. and Tuesday I have to BE THERE at six a.m.

We had a phone fight, the 'rents and me, mostly because we're all stressed about different things. I watched the rest of the SATC episodes left on the video and started an email to the 'rents. Then I started crying. Then I called Mama. Mama stays up late with her schoolwork, so she was still up just now. She conceded that it would not be a relaxing weekend. Which is what I need. I need some peace and quiet. I need to be able to sleep in. Going to Sis's graduation and then church on Sunday morning and then deciding if I'm leaving Sunday or Monday....

So I'm going to sleep on it. I hate to disappoint Sis, but I would hardly see her--she's spending Friday night in Winchester, and then Saturday--well, graduation is like a wedding. You don't really SEE the person you're celebrating.

So I think I'll be staying in da Burgh. Because I haven't even started packing (well, the pills are ready.)

It would be nice to have a day to myself, to clean this apartment. To veg. To just read. To SHOP! I have coming up wedding showers, weddings, other stuff. (One wedding shower is SOON, and I only found out about it today--the bride and groom pushed up the date.)

And my throat is sore. Which could be allergies OR a scary side effect from Tegretol. (You know, the kind where it says, Tell your doctor if...)

Time to pop "You've got mail" into the VCR and slip into dreamland.

Oh, did I mention that today alone, I have fixed brakes to the tune of $250 and a temporary crown on my tooth, which will cost about that once it is a real crown??

Oh, it's that song, "they just show on up with their big heart, you find out who your friends are..." I really am a country music girl, I just like living in the city.

G'nite. I hope I can sleep...


Badger said...

Dude. My parents are in Winchester (Virginia, right?) today! How weird! They are making their annual pilgrimage to Ohio to see the folks, and taking some detours along the way.

I hope things get better for you and the medication settles down and does what it's supposed to do, already!

Sarah Louise said...

Winchester, the home of the Apple Blossom Queen...yeah.

I am hocking up some junk and well, that's already TMI.

So I don't want to tell my doctor, (I don't want to tell my doctor I'm sick? How sick is that!?)

And it's time for breakfast and I don't want to eat. That can't be good. Oh, and I haven't ovulated yet. Crap crap crap crap.

But I'm loving SATC. Oh Miranda and Samantha and Charlotte and Carrie are keeping me company.

Caro said...

I'm spending the weekend alone too.

I'm a cleaning fool.