Monday, May 21, 2007

Pimp my mood, baby!

My new therapist rocks the clock. I used up almost half her box of Kleenex (told you) and here were some of her bits of advice:

  • or some sort, even if it is just for companionship. We both think we might try Y108's thing-y. (She's single too.) Because it seems like all my friends (oh, you noticed) are already hooked up.
  • Ditch the wedding, either go home or have the 'rents come here--it's obvious I need some family type loving.
  • Get out! Do something, go somewhere, get out of the garret!!
I feel better already. And her thought was that if a guy has a rule on age, there might be something else a little fishy about him. It was nice to hear someone else say that OUT LOUD. (I've been thinking it.) Poppy will back me up on this one, I know.

So, if you'll scuse me, I have some Meditereanean Nachos leftovers (pretty much the only good result of last night's trip to Sharp Edge) to eat. Then quick pay-a some bills and then OUT! I'm thinking things that begin with m--movie or manicure. And clear out the crap from my backseat.
I might wait to call my doctor tomorrow.

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