Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Margaret and other thoughts on a Tuesday

Aunt Margaret is my hero, of sorts. She's been dead at least twelve years, I have a lot of her furniture because she died right around the time I moved into the garret and was needing furniture. I have her table and chairs and a little shelf that I use for my collectibles. I also have a kitchen counter thingy. Maybe I'll take pictures later.

But for now, I have to walk to the store (well, I choose to walk there--it's a nice day and when else will I get my walk in?) for milk.

Aunt Margaret was single until she was fifty, when a judge who was friends with the judge she was secretary for stopped by with Mets tickets and AM's judge wasn't there. We know this judge (the one with tickets) as Uncle Ed. They eloped to New England. My mother always describes Uncle Ed as boring, but of course to me he sounds very romantic--not that I'd want my first date to be a baseball game, I'd show my ignorance of the game. And he bought her a pig. She saw a pig and AM said she'd like one, and he bought her one! He must not have lived too long, but because of him, AM was a wealthy widow, and traveled, and made it possible for my mom to stay at camp for extra weeks in the summer, and magazine subscriptions, and such. I only ever knew her as a widow, as I only ever knew my Granny, and since they were both independent ladies that doted on me, I thought this is the life. When I grow up I'm going to be a widowed granny or aunt. (You see the bizarre thought process there, but I was seven, give me a break!) They had time for me, whereas my Grandma had Grandpa and she always corrected the spelling and grammar in any letters I wrote to her. (It was only after Grandpa died that Grandma and I developed a relationship. She still corrected my spelling, but for a few years I wrote her letters every Sunday morning and called her regularly on Sunday afternoons.)

Wow. I didn't realize I had all that family history just on the brim, waiting to spill out. Maybe I'll email this to Sis, since she otherwise never visits...

Oh, and one more thing--Kiki might know this or not--Granny, who is my dad's mom (and Kiki's mom's mom), knew Aunt Margaret through some club...which I always thought was cool, that the two sides of the family had this connection. I'll have to get more details. My family is not so good at telling stories (well, except me, but I don't have all the facts...)

A blogfriend of mine has a quote on her profile. Her husband says about her, "Heidi is an open book, but not a short read." I think Heidi and I share that. We love telling stories. And a story really isn't a story if no one's listening. So thank you my dear ones, for being my audience.

Oh, and in other news, I finished re-reading Girl's Poker Night. I wonder how many times I've read it now. Laura keeps track of that sort of thing on LibraryThing... Anyways, it was lovely, as always. Ruby Capote and I have SO MUCH IN COMMON. And I love the book because she's a columnist and some of the chapters you're not sure if they're a column or not, and then the other chapters are short, which remind me of blog posts...and it takes place in New York, and it's all about Ruby stumbling towards love...perhaps one of these days I'll give it a proper review. But for now, I have to quick decide if I'm walking or driving to the store for milk...I got all wrapped up in it being AM's birthday. Hmmm, she was born in 1898, so she'd be...(you do the math.)

I think I'll drive to the store and get ready for my trip to the moon (I mean Moon Twp.) since I don't know how long it will take me to get there, and if I get there early, I can walk around. Besides, I'll be home in the evening, so I can walk then.

Darn inertia (an object at rest stays at rest, an object in motion stays in motion. A blogger blogging gets glued to her chair...)



KitchenKiki said...

Happy Birthday to your Aunt Margaret. I remember her name and hearing a little about her, but I don't know much. Thanks for sharing!

My other suggestion for Mr. FF, if you are looking for an excuse to invite him up for a beer it to request a hand with something. Not anything too girly like opening a jar (really, we are independent women!) but something that is just a lot easier with a second set of hands. (I've been trying to move this whatever. I could do it, but it is just a little awkward for one person to handle. Would ya mind? I've got beer)
I think men (and women) like to feel needed without feeling burdened.
so now I guess I'm up to my 4 cents instead of just 2.

KitchenKiki said...

I was talking about your grandma the other day. I was showing my in-laws the Pagoda in Reading and telling how she used to hike up the mountain when she was a young school teacher.

Caro said...

Rich widow, that works. :)

Sarah Louise said...

K: He helped me move something a while back. I got...nothing.

And I always forget that Grandma taught in Reading.

C: Right!

KitchenKiki said...

If ya get the rich widow program going, let me know. I've got some worthwhile funding opportunities...