Sunday, May 13, 2007

What I gave her on Mother's Day, and what she gave me

So...I didn't go dahn South. And my mother was so happy--it gave her an extra day to clean the guest room for their house guests that arrive tomorrow. And I was happy--I slept until eleven this morning. ELEVEN!! (Well, I have this cold, see, and I didn't take a single nap yesterday...)

At one p.m., I called and "all circuits were busy." I guess everyone else had the same idea. At 3, when I did get through, I told her, it was a "Poland moment." (When I would dial seventeen times, praying in the phone booth in the hall at my dorm to get through.)

She said, "You must have ordered this beautiful day." I did, I told her. It's beautiful here too.

Some of my favorite people don't have that privelege. Of calling their mama today. And that makes me want to weep.

Some of us want so badly to be mamas but we haven't met their daddies yet.

I say "Happy Mother's Day" to everyone as if it's a Valentine greeting. Because we are all each others mothers and each others children. When my mama was far away in Poland and I was a freshman and sophomomore and junior in college, I had stand-in mamas. At least two of those women now are gone. I can't even say thank you to them today if I wanted to.

Ah yes, it's that Sarah Louise, life of the party, Miss Pollyanna.

Erin, over at Biscotti Brain, gave us wanna-bees or wishing it was different a real send-up. Thanks, dear.

And Happy Mother's Day to all yins, because whether you are one or not, we all have one thing in common: We had a mother.


wilsonian said...

We do indeed all have a mother. Glad to hear that your day was restful...
Peace to you.

Caro said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too.

I slept in until 9:15. I couldn't believe it!

SneakyPeek said...

Ok, I WISH I could of slept until 11 AM.

Although I did wake up to hearing my baby say something that sounded an awful lot like ... mama.


Sarah Louise said...

E--my day WAS restful, thanks!

C--9:15 is good!

SP--I generally sleep until 7 if I am able, or 8. Eleven is an abberation due only to this nasty cold.

and mama! how sweet, esp. on Mother's Day!!