Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where's Matt? (and SL continues to watch Today...)

I guessed Beijing--the clue was something about hosting the world. Yeah, NO.

Dubai. Emily's ex is doing a lot of work there. Oh, and soon, Em is on her way to Korea. I'll shoot her an email today or tomorrow.

Oh, and the Lewis twins lived there. I should finally email some pictures... (not of Dubai--I have some pictures from when Livia was here (yes, like in August) that I still haven't sent out.

I figured out when I'm going to the Post Office--there's one inside the Carnegie Main Library, where I'll be Friday for an Internet Safety forum.

Queen Rania of Jordan (yes, she has her own website!) is talking to Meredith about micro-lending and village banks. "Harnessing social momentum." This is the coolest concept ever--women are loaned like $100 and and they can buy some chickens and start a small business selling eggs and eventually is SO amazing.

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