Friday, May 04, 2007

In which Sarah Louise shares some links, in the hopes that you will share some books...

Every once in a while, my friend Susan Fry or one of her relatives is in the newspaper. I'm not kidding. Her niece was once the model for a Walmart photo ad.

Now, not for nothing, a picture of my own darling sister at a very young age was in the window of a Tegucigalpa photographer, I guess sort of as a model, but I think Susan has topped me again and again.

So...a Girl Scout in her hometown of Pepperell, MA is sending books to a school in the wake of's the lead from the newspaper article: "There is a school in Chalmette, La., with a library Emily Batchelder has never seen, but she's got a pretty good idea it doesn't have enough books."

Here's a link to the article.

In it, you learn that Susan Fry, with her new Usborne business, has partnered with Emily to send more books to the kids in Chalmette. I just bought a copy of the 12 Dancing Princesses, one of my favorite fairy tales. The shipping is free if you have it sent to Chalmette, and you can even leave a gift note that will show up on the invoice.

Plus, Usborne books are really great. So you can order them for your own kids. I think you have to pay for shipping to your own house, but somehow Usborne is still donating money if you buy them for your own the article.

Susan and I met in Chemistry class, our junior year of high school, two days before her niece was born. The first words I remember her saying were, "My sister's having a baby!" And two days later, "My sister had her baby!" Her mom once butchered my last name, and we all had a good laugh. When I had chicken pox (at the ripe age of 20), and my parents were in Poland, it was Susan's mom who drove me back to college. (Well, I didn't know it was chicken pox...oh that's a story for another day.) Anyways, we have history, and I think this is a trés cool thing that she's doing here.

Here's a link to buy a book (or books).

And with that, I'm off to the Internet Safety thing a ma jig! Ciao!


Susan said...

Hey! You know, you're alright!

Muchas Gracias Amiga! :)

Sarah Louise said...

Back at ya!

Susan said...

By the way - for all of you that happen to look at the website - I highly encourage you to ENTER the drawing for $50 in Usborne Books. Somebody wins each month. Why not you!

And - if you are so inclined to ORDER Usborne books for yourself
(buy Usborne buy Usborne buy Usborne LOL!)Make sure you click on the Books for Buras link on the right hand side of the page. HALF of what you spend goes towards great NEW books for the cause! And hey.. it's a teenage girl going for her Girl Scout Gold Award! ... and doing a good thing(the right thing).. how can you not support that! :)

Sarah Louise said...

um...nothing wrong with a little self promotion...