Thursday, May 31, 2007

In which Sarah Louise wonders what all this technology is for if it DOESN'T WORK????

Okay, so today or tomorrow will be Day Two. (I'm just saying.) I think I'll see if I can schedule a haircut. (Yes, at my regular place...)

Oh, I promised you morning walk pix, didn't I? Oh, and I'm not stupid, I know that posts with pictures get more comments. I should adopt a child just so I can post baby pictures...NO!

Yes, I'm a little loopy. You'll have that.

And yes, today (toady?) I'm going to send emails to decide which neighborhood computer guy I'm gonna use for the "Official Changeover of Sarah Louise's Computer--Goodbye ME, Hello XP!"

Maybe that should be the raison d'etre of the upcoming party I'm throwing. Yes, SL is tired of answering everyone else's e-vites. And yes, I'll be sending one of my own, but it is easier, and I don't have people's mailing address...and and and.

(Although I did spend most of my day yesterday doing a pros and cons of paper invites.)

[for you viewers at home, this is where it all went bust...the technology went on strike!]

AND since my software thing for my camera is not working, I've just installed Picasa on my computer. Yes, just like that. So additionally, if you have comments on Picasa or why I should choose Flickr, it's another opportunity to comment.

OR if you know why my stupid computer won't import my stupid pictures...ARGH! Something is broken and I don't know what it is. Which means there will be no NEW pictures from yesterday's walk.

(All that time lapsed was me trying to see if I could figure out how to use Picasa for today's blog picture display and no, it's not intuitive enough for me.)

(And the rest of the time lapsed, yes, it is now 10:00 am, the TIME STAMP is for when I started this for my computer freaking out, me shutting it down, Firefox updating itsself...SOMEBODY STOP THE MADNESS!)

Sorry, I just had to have a shout. (Does anyone else remember that moment from About a Boy, when they're in the restaurant, and the kid shouts Cow a bunga!)

So, no pictures, because not only is my camera and/or my computer not wanting to do import/export of new pictures, "My Pictures" doesn't want to open so I can see what I might be posting to yins n'at.

Oh, and Picasa? Thinks that I had a digital camera in 1980. Some of my 2007 pictures showed up in a folder labeled with that year. Let's see, I was still using my mom's Brownie camera at that time--with 126 film, so that would be a NO! And unlike David (see, I remembered his name) I have not decided yet to scan all my photos to my computer (which seems like a great idea until you have one of the mornings like I've had this morning.) I wonder if it's too late to take a WALK!

Lucky for me, I don't have to be at work until 1 pm. Which is I'm sure a good thing for my co-workers too, considering that I probably have bulging veins at this point in time.

And just in case you are wondering, yes, I already had all those labels. No new labels were created for this post.

Off to email the computer guys...or maybe I'll take that walk...Yes, I think for everyone's sake, I NEED to take that walk.

[This post was brought to you by your local Luddites lodge, who reminds you that a pencil is an amazing invention. It has a writing component and a delete button and neither require batteries or electricity or TECHNOLOGY]

If I had more energy, I'd bring up scads of quotes from You've Got Mail. Instead, I'll just link to some quotes. (And imdb doesn't even have the one I want, which is
"You think that machine is your friend, but it's not."

And that, as they say, is a wrap.


Helen said...

Girlie, I KNOW what you mean!

Jules said...

Ooh, and this ones PINK! Fun. I totally understand what you're talking about here. Aiiiiieeeee!!!

SneakyPeek said...

No need to adopt ... you can borrow my baby ... she only bites, spits up and pinches ... all within twenty seconds of holding her.


Sarah Louise said...

J--thanks for stopping by!

SP--um, who's gonna pay for the airfare to/from Hawaii? And anyways, my apt. is NOT babyproofed. AT ALL.