Saturday, May 05, 2007

What day is it????

So I just called into work, as I overslept and will be late. I figured I'd get Nan. No, I got Jill. All of a sudden, even though in my heart of hearts I knew it was Saturday, I said, "Wait, what day is it?" (Because I never work with Jill and she hardly ever works the weekend.)

So now I know that I'm not going to a quiet office (part of why I like Saturdays, it's just Janice and I most of the time, sometimes Nan, sometimes our boss Esther.)

And I'm a little shell-shocked anyways--this has been QUITE a week.

Say special prayers for Paula's Dale--he's shipping out soon.

Say a thank you and continued healing for Blackbird's K--he's doing fine.


Apparently I have a very rich imagination--in my dreams, I reunited with both college roommates and was living on what sort of looked like the South Side slopes and I found $100 in the carpet. Oh, and Samantha from Sex and the City was one of my roommates. And I lived walking distance from a movie theatre and a bookstore but both were closed, as it was early in the day. But I was going to go see the SATC movie (another fiction of my dream.)


Nothing against people in general, but now I do not want to go in to work. All my introvert sirens were at high keen last night, so before I went to a BBQ at Amy and Cameron's, I had dinner at Wendy's and finished my book. Then I went to the BBQ, which was lovely, Amy's dad was the reason for the event and he was quite nice. (He's in town from California.)

Well, off I go. And I told Jill 9:30 or 9:45 and that's like 5 minutes from now. Oh look, more dust. Janice won't be in until after 1:00--it's soccer season.

I'm going...

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