Wednesday, May 16, 2007

oh brother, oh sister... (updated)

Internets, ugh.

So I overslept BIG TIME and had to relinquish Mother Goose to my very able co-worker Sally (yes, I told you there were a lot of Sallys in my life.)

And it's raining cats and dogs and I do not want to do ANYTHING, much less go to work. Especially since my boss, if she knew I was still sick, might send me home and I HAVE NO SICK DAYS LEFT. And I'm like 5 days in negative comp time.

I basically need a miracle--some sort of wrinkle in time.

But maybe I'm just feeling this way because I don't have any drugs in my system...(I thought I'd left the Zicam in the car and I was going to have to brave the rain to go out to get it...)

Oh, and thanks for all your sweet comments. (Blushing...) I couldn't ask for nicer blog friends.

I'm gonna go take Zicam, go take a shower, eat something, take the rest of my drugs, and CONQUER THE DAY.

YARRGH, I am the mighty Sarah Louise! (who is taking the morning off...did I mention how much I LOVE MY BOSS???)

I'll be there by 2 and work a late shift or call her and renegotiate. I think this calls for...a nap!

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Stomper Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Sorry to hear you're feeling sick. I hope the nap worked. And clearly you have a great boss.