Tuesday, May 22, 2007

J Rocks!

I just got home from the barbecue!!

(I was one of the last guests to leave, and actually the last one, since I was behind K, as we left at the same time.)

I love it when a party dies down and it's just the last folks. J is in town from Washington State and he is well, the coolest. He used to live here and we miss him terribly. If I believed in breaking marriages, I totally would have gone after him YEARS ago. But I really like his wife, too, so that wasn't an option. Plus, he really likes her too, so there you go. And they're having a baby in June!!

I had my first try of scotch, and we sat around and told jokes, most of which I wouldn't repeat here. We laughed and laughed...Kiki would know the one I told, about my dad going to the mechanic in Germany...I'll tell ya later, I gotta go to bed!

But I have to say this: at noon today, after a full hour of me using half my therapist's box of Kleenex, she asked me, "I know you hate being asked this, but are you suicidal?" I said, "no, but if I was, this is when it would be." I mean, I was a MESS.

And then, I don't know, I got through the rest of the day and I got to see myself as a person I like being. I haven't been her for awhile. And you know, it feels great.

And now, I must to bed. And yes, in case you're wondering...there were two posts that I reverted to draft. Sarah Louise sez, "You snooze, you lose." Besides, they were pretty much wine and cheese blogging and I got some sympathy (THANK YOU POPPY and KIKI) and the beat goes on.

G'nite. Or rather, very early morning.


nutmeg said...

The problem with tuning into the blogosphere a couple of times a week is that I am perpetually late with the "congrats and that". Well, happy 2nd for the other day and I really liked your nail colour. I gotta move away from the deep red/purple I've been wearing for years!

And I have to admit that I haven't watched a single episode of Sex in the City (please, don;t fall off your chair!) but all your quotes and I think 'm going to take a look after I finish with season 7 of the West Wing.

I glad to read even after a half box of tissues you are feeling OK.

And, one last thing, I received my copy of Gifts from the Sea yesyerday and I am devouring it. Thanks again! And also after you mentioned the Ephron book I took a closer look and it has been placed on my next TBR book order!

Sarah Louise said...

Meg--it took me years to get onto several bandwagons, as I am perpetually suspicious of things "everyone" likes.

Therefore, I didn't start with Harry Potter until Book Three had been out for awhile, and I didn't start with SATC until it was already off the air.

Both are worth it though, and glad you're enjoying Gift from the Sea. I think you'll like the neck book (I had to think which Nora Ephron book I'd mentioned.)


SneakyPeek said...

Well I'm sorry I missed the renegged entries, I don't mind whine, it's a good thing.

You keep that pretty little chin of yours up, ok?

You will get through all this, oh and I do feel you've reached your cold quota for the year.

Do I have to come over and disinfect all your surfaces?

~puts on rubber gloves~

paula said...

I'm glad you're feeling better SL. Here's to more of that!

KitchenKiki said...

what is the joke about the German mechanic?
I'm drawing a blank here...