Monday, January 14, 2008

Where did the term sicker than a dog come from?

Oh Internets, it is freezing in my apartment.

Let me put it to you this way. Freezing=cold toilet seat.

But my body decided, at 7 am, that there was a colonoscopy it thought it had to prepare for. Hence, by 8 am, my toilet seat was warm.

(Sorry if that's TMI, it's the most delicate way I can think to phrase it.) And I've had a colonoscopy, a few years ago, so I know from whence I speak.

Yesterday was a day so full, too full, and my body gave me a nudge and said, "Nope, you are sitting this day out." So I did go to my therapist, buy Gatorade and a loaf of bread. I ate a piece and 1/4 a piece of toast for lunch and 2 pieces of toast for dinner. And I spent the better part of the afternoon watching Tape 1, Season 1, of M*A*S*H.

Oh, and the door lock works! It's a Honda trick that a friend at church told me about. Woo hoo! You have to hold the door thingy inside the door while pushing the lock down. Oh, it is like magic. AND by some miracle, there is now a light tinkling noise when I leave my lights on. It's like fairy music.

Oh, Bucket List is a great film. Not the pizazz that Juno was, but great. The acting shone (I love the elder Jack Nicholson) and you can never have enough Morgan Freeman. Plus, the trivia I learned! (Freeman's character was a Jeopardy fanatic, constantly reading.) The story is predictable (they die, I hope you saw that coming) but there are little surprises along the way, so that even when you feel your heart strings might be getting tugged "Hollywood style," you don't mind so much.

If only I could say such charitable things about last night's Masterpiece Theatre. They did Persuasion, only my favorite Jane Austen book and while some of their choices were good, the overall perfomance, tied into a wretched package, was HORRIBLE. And the end was SO Hollywood. Jane Austen's own ending was just fine, did not need embellishment. The earlier BBC version (which I own) is only a half hour longer but hundreds of times better. It was like a train wreck, though. I couldn't not stop watching it to the bitter end. It was...words fail me. I will not deign a link to the PBS site, and wonder if I'll watch other ones in the series...

To think I could have been watching the Golden Globes! (Even without writers or actors, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more...) Oh, alright, we'll stop beating the dead horse.

Anyways, be in good health. And if you liked last night's MT, don't let me know. Read the book. It is so much better. Or watch the older BBC version which is readily available. Trust me. And if you read this blog to a regular degree, you'll remember that I can generally find SOMETHING good in the movie version of a book. I generally enjoy seeing the choices that directors and screenwriters make. So for me to completely lambast a movie version is about as rare as a unicorn.

Ah me! Another Gatorade almost finished. I must climb the stairs to do some laundry or I'll have naught to wear tomorrow. And I did mention that it is cold??


Katrina said...

I'm sorry to hear PBS's Persuasion didn't deliver. I love the novel! But don't worry--given the timeless appeal of Austen, I'm sure we have eight or ten remakes to look forward to in our lifetime!

Speaking of remakes (Bronte, not Austen), have you seen the fairly recent BBC send-up of Jane Eyre, with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson in it? It's beautiful, and reason to retain some hope in modern book-to-screen adaptations. :)

By the way, I just noticed that my link in your blogroll is outdated. I switched over to Wordpress a while back, so it's now Just FYI. Thanks for keeping me on your list! :)

Amy A. said...

It's cold here, too. Below zero. BRRRRrrr.

Loved Juno, very quirky. I hope that girl gets nominated for an Oscar.

Sarah Louise said...

she got nominated for a Golden Globe and lost to Johnny Depp, who had been nominated 8 times and never won, so I think an Oscar nom. is in the bag.

elena jane said...

ahh, well i enjoyed persuasion, but i have not seen any other versions nor read the now i have a goal....thanks for the tips.. :)