Friday, January 04, 2008

"way leads to way"*

I was going to title this with one of the "man walks into a bar" jokes: "A dylsexic walks into a bra" but the title I chose seems more apt.


Have you ever realized that your Google searches say more about you than you would ever admit aloud? So the reason why I found this new favorite website will remain known to me only (I was trying to figure out a big word someone was using...) but wow.

I also like the fact that he quotes Frost later (though not too much later): "l shall be telling this with a sigh.."

I'm at one of those places of the cross--choices and corners to turn. I look up to the top of my screen and I see the "help" link and know that it won't really be of help.

I do not want to go to work today. I'm going to be later than I told my boss when I called her to say I'd be late.

Another Nick Hornby quote? "Depression is great. You can do whatever you want." (As he leaves the bar after hearing Marie La Salle and decides to not stay to have drinks.)

Ugh. But the later I am, the later I'll come home. It's Friday again. Whateve.

*Robert Frost


Amy A. said...

Hope your work day was good once you got there!

Flutterby said...

But the dyslexic one was just so funny! (Peeking in via Poppy's links post today!)

Sarah Louise said...

A, Work actually was half way decent once I got there.

and fb, welcome! Thanks for noticing my sense of humor...


Helen said...

I love Frost too. It is something I have pondered for years, about how we come to be where we are and who we are. Our lives are spent in search of our *identity.* When we think we know who we are, then a new circumstance hits us and suddenly we might not know exactly *who* we are. Someone pointed out to me that John the Baptist finally KNEW his own identity when he saw the dove descend on Jesus. That's when he truly understood his own role, when he saw God... So, I think, God reveals ourselves to us through all the circumstances of our lives. We might think that the path we take will make all the difference, but the truth is that no matter where we go, or what path we take, there will be wonderful things in store for us. When we meet God, we will know ourselves. sheesh. I don't even understand, myself, what I just wrote. I'd hate to try to read this!