Saturday, January 05, 2008

A fairly pedestrian post...but that's not a bad thing...

Textbook: depression is the worst in the morning. If you can make it to 1pm, your chances of survival are much much better. (Or so says my first psychiatrist, and I have found it mostly to be true.)

Things that made today liveable:

  • started working on article about Mother/Child Smackdown program that I did last summer.
  • chatted a bit with both bosses.
  • went out for lunch, didn't have to pay
  • went out for dinner (same restaurant, same waitress), didn't have to pay. (I KNOW!)
  • I'm home at long last. I may just pass out on the sofa. Or read. It's too late to pay bills--if I think about money this late in the evening, there's no chance I'll sleep well.
Tomorrow: Sunday School at Bellefield. It's the first Sunday, so I'll give it a shot. Something about reading your Bible for all it's worth. I'll probably stay for church. I need to be around people--being alone is sometimes good when depressed, but I need people!!

The nursing bit is out for jury. I do love my job, today was a day when I really realized that. And worse (better?) I love my workplace. Better, because so few have that privelege, but worse, b/c if I stay here, I will not amass riches. Not that riches are the point, but...

Anyways, rambling n'at. Thank you for reading and/or commenting. Any suggestions for the 37 things will be taken into consideration. (See Erin's 40 things, here.)


wilsonian said...

Oooh, I wanna see the list!

Que said...

Does librarian + salary = greater or less happiness than nurse + salary. And can that be figured out without actually having to try out nursing first.

Helen said...

37 things!! Wow. That's one new thing every 9.86 days. I'm in awe. hmmm... If it were my list, I'd put 'try a new flavor' on it and head to Baskin Robbins to see what was there.