Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...Mansfield Park!

I have ten minutes til the X-files chick introduces the latest installment in the "Masterpiece Classics." L and I had one of those conversations last week where we both agreed Ms. Redhead needs a haircut, and what does she have to do with Jane Austen, and L knew why it was MC instead of Masterpiece Theatre. It is sooo wonderful to have conversations like that, where you have a common interest and goal, and you know what the other person means. Oh, she SO needs a haircut, one says. I KNOW, says the other. What does she have to do with Jane Austen anyways....and it's just a fun kvetch session.

It's warmer here. By warm, I mean, it's freezing, and by freezing, I mean 32! Which is WARM! I put the therm gauge in the fridge because it didn't seem to EVER deviate from 52 degrees. No, it works, it registered colder in the fridge.

Today our pastor BJ was ordained!! He has been an ordained lay pastor for the past two (three?) years so that he could do communion and baptisms, but now he is a full minister of word and sacrament. Not much has changed for us, but it's a great step along the path. His dad gave the final "charge" and had us all in tears, I mean, we were like the waterworks.

So it's been a very big weekend for me. Tomorrow I'll make a phone call to the dealership (ugh) and go to Sally's--she might have a solution for the hole in the jeans I got last Monday at Goodwill.

I think I'll settle in with the remote. Catch ya later!


daysgoby said...

What a good weekend!

Katrina said...

So what did you think of it? I enjoyed some of the performances very much (I especially loved this Edmund--I own the Frances O'Connor version of the movie, and I've always had trouble really investing in Johnny Lee Miller as Edmund.) The pacing seemed a little frenetic, though, as if we were rushing through the story at breakneck speed trying to hit the high points. The results of trying to stuff the whole novel into an hour and fifteen minutes, I guess.

Overall, though, I'm enjoying Masterpiece Theater's ode to Jane. (And I, too, wondered what Gillian Anderson had to do with Jane Austen--although she has acted in some other period pieces, and was really good in Bleak House!)

Sarah Louise said...

I fell asleep and woke up to some band playing on PBS. I was exhausted, yes, but it probably was also the pain of Fanny and how Edmund seemed to have no clue. I've never read MP so I don't even know how it ends...I guess I'll have to scare up a copy tomorrow and read the end.

Time to brush my teeth and find my bed. Dying to know what the band was (Jason Wade is the lead singer?) The lyrics were wonderful and some of them seemed to be worshipful, but I couldn't figure it out exactly and PBS covering a Christian band didn't exactly make sense...I'm too tired to Google it though. (Or rather, I don't want to wake up anymore than I am...)


Sis said...

They will replay Mansfield Park at 9 on Tuesday night on PBS (or whatever you have up there).
There was an article in the Washington Post about the change to Masterpiece..crap if you ask dare they get rid of the theme song?!
It was called "New Hosts, Format Coming for 'Masterpiece Theatre'. (In case you really care...)
Congrats to BJ!

elena jane said...

i haven't watched my recording of mansfield park yet! the previous two installments were very good!!
and yes, what's with GA and that hair...i hardly recognised her. i guess she's all very artsy now??