Thursday, January 10, 2008

Square peg--round--ughngh!! hole

Yep, it's not as if I hadn't realized this at other junctures in my life, but allow me to elaborate:

  • I am 36. Most other people I know my age are: married, homeowners, and with children, one or more. I am single, renting, and thankfully, (see first two points) childless.
  • I go to a church where most people are 26, married, homeowners and/or parents.
  • I work in a building where most women are 40+, homeowners, and grandmothers. Oh, and they all live 5 minutes from the building.
(I'm using all and most a bit too generously, but this is my anonymous blog, I can be black and white for once.)

  • Oh, lots of other stuff.
Just came back from appointment with psychiatrist. This is our typical appointment: "Well, I see no reason to change anything, do you need any refills, come back in [time period contingent on how depressed I seem at time of visit]." I ADORE my psychiatrist, but he's a psychiatrist and therefore not helpful on the soft side of things--he's good at dispensing drugs, not advice. Which is fine. But I hate the fact that I'm close enough to the edge that I'm going back at the end of this month instead of mid-next month. But I'm grateful that he cares enough to know that I need to come sooner. ARGH!!

But good news, I have been funded to go to Minneapolis for the Public Library Association Conference. And probably Marian the Librarian and I will be roomies!!

So I think I can put aside fantasies of taking people's temperatures. I told Marian about my aspirations to becoming a nurse and she said, "two words: sponge bath." I told her if I was supporting an artistic husband, it might become an option again, but for now, I think I can live on what I make and ENJOY what I do. (Not that I don't think I'd enjoy being a nurse, I just think I'd enjoy staying a librarian for now.)

Okay, gotta go. Off to coffee with a friend.


Katrina said...

I hope you enjoy your conference--it sounds like it will be fun!

SneakyPeek said...

Yay, change of scenery and it sounds like fun.


I couldn't do the whole sponge bath thing ...

Umm Ew.

Katy said...

while some nurses give sponge baths, for that most part, that is the job of the CNAs and LPNs. When will you be in Minneapolis? Have lots of fun at the conference!

my wv: jmput (jamput, its what preceded shotput, but didn't work out as well)

Sarah Louise said...

Don't get too excited, the conference isn't until the end of MARCH!!