Monday, January 28, 2008

Bookworms, endangered?

So it seems that my motivation for doing things like making the bed, eating breakfast, other things, is nil. But my motivation for trolling the web for more friends on Facebook, looking at my links and finding stuff, sending people cute cards...for this, my motivation is neverending. Drat.

But it's good for you, reader of this blog, so rejoice.

New and exciting things (and bizarre):

  • For some reason, I can't invite my sister to take quizzes on the FB movie application, though we are each other's "friends" on this application
  • My Scrabulous stats are finally visible on my profile!
  • I found L on FB and asked her to be my friend.
  • I emailed my sister, who found her cell phone!!
  • etc.
But the best thing I've unearthed on the world wide web this morning in which breakfast, shower, bed making, even turning on media sources such as the radio or the Today show have been eschewed (run on!!):

this link, to an article about an Ursula LeGuin article in Harpers, the one magazine that when I was a subscriber, I generally read (or at least skimmed) cover to cover.

(which makes me wonder why I let my subscription lapse.)

(I bet it was a money saving scheme.)

Anyways, the article talks about stuff. See how my motivation lags? But at least you have the link. I think I'll go see what Meredith and Matt have to say this morning.

Over and out...


KitchenKiki said...

I think I'm with you on the motivation thing this week. I'm considering balancing my checkbook & paying bills today. At some point. Though I did finish my curtains yesterday. Mostly. (the curtains are physically done, but I have to rehang the arms because I measured wrong & hope that I won't have too much of a gap.)
Any way, sending hugs

Sis said...

Thanks for the msg. on FB. I have to answer you...crazy busy today at work.
I would love to take movie quiz from you, I get them from other people....hmmmm..sabotage!
I see how it is Facebook!
Anyway, you sound good. I think its time I threw a cow at you...=)