Thursday, January 10, 2008

back in the saddle, as it were...

Yes, Lucy* looks beautiful. And I'm getting used to her braking (after a week of getting used to the rental Nissan's braking...) I now must use a key to lock her, but being able to use the door at all is a miracle.

Now, on to the next, which may involve proving that unlike the CarFax history, this car WAS in an accident (previous to the dent on my passenger door). The guy at the auto body shop said that my door (the passenger door) had been painted once before, which to me is a red flag. And I don't know much about cars, but I've been told, gosh, it must have been in an accident for that part on the power lock to break.

I don't know. What I don't want is a drawn out legal battle. But $500 (four hundred twenty eight and change to be exact) is rent money. Or something. It's 10% of what I paid for the car, including the warranty which didn't cover the power lock. I don't qualify for the lemon law until I have three things go wrong, but I want a lawyer or something!!

Anyways...I am exhausted, it is raining, and I am going to bed. Since this was my first night back with Lucy, I'm very grateful that it is rain and not snow.


*my 1990 Honda Accord


daysgoby said...

I wonder if you shouldn't just speak to a lawyer - sometimes having them just call the shop can do wonders....

Katrina said...

I hate car problems. And they always seem to crop up at the worst possible moments, like when we're broke. Oh, wait--that's all the moments.