Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In which...

Life is crazy!!

I took my dinner meds at lunch yesterday, which I knew would make me sedated (and it did), so I thanked my lucky stars that I'm single and slept from 5pm to 6am, with a wakeup at midnight to take my lunch and bedtime meds and eat a little Boston Mkt drivethru food.

I am in contact again with the car dealership and it seriously looks like I'll be getting a lawyer within DAYS. (Or hours.)

This is crazy. I have friends who get migranes and I never asked the govt to ban incadescent lightbulbs!!

And apparently I have nothing else to say. Except that if you live in a market that has Safeway, Adrian says the green tea light yogurt is pretty good. Safeway, in Pittsburgh? That's funny. But seriously, I think I would like green tea light yogurt.

I'm hungry. Off to find the rest of that Boston Market drivethru food...


KitchenKiki said...

around here we have mango yogurt & guava yogurt. I dig the mango! (not so much the guava)

Amy A. said...

Oh, I miss Boston Market. Yummy.

They are putting green tea into everything these days.