Sunday, January 06, 2008

movie quote here

Must see movie: Juno (you must, I just did.)

things that make me happy: my Joy bracelet, which seriously needs restrung. (Yes, I know that sentence needs a "to be," I'm from Pixburgh, get over it.

Items procurred at GE:
Amy's bowls pesto tortellini
Amy's wraps spinach and feta
Funny birthday card for co-worker
Seasons 4&5 of SATC on DVD (Iggle Video is going out of business. Sandy, if you see seasons 2, 3, or 6, I'll pay you back!)

I am a mess. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Because I'm realizing that everyone else is a mess too.

Sat next to a cute guy at church (or he sat in my seat while I was looking for water, causing me to lose my bulliten.) But his name is way too long (he was filling in the address info on his brand new journal during the time the guy from Scripture Union was talking.) And I had to say hi, my name is Sarah Louise when the service was over, he gave me his name (I'm not telling you, c'mon.) but that was it. I think he's probably younger (well, aren't all the guys in Pittsburgh?) I could have had my lunch paid for at Panera by my dear friend M, but I was too quick. Oh well. She's a dear heart, a octogenarian widow who I often have lunch with after I go to Bellefield for church.

My dad called this afternoon, just to chat, before I went off to the movie. What a great guy. He just wanted to see how I was and then talk my ear off, because, well, yesterday when I called my mom, I told her how bad the depression had gotten. Today I have felt just blank, and the sobbing in the bathroom stall at the movies was yes, for me, but it was started by the ending of the movie (which was beautiful, but you know girls, they cry at beautiful stuff too.)

So my eggplant something that I got in the organic frozen foods at GE is ready and I just heard Mr. First Floor come in. I'll eat my dinner and off to church.

While I may not be the brightest bulb in the galaxy, I have figured out that me trying to psychoanylze him isn't going to make him come back and say, hey, that "liability" thing I said, forget about it, I want you back. So it's okay for me to watch movies and read books where people have happy romantic endings, but I don't think this is one of them. If I didn't have to go eat something, I'd pull up a perfect Nick Hornby quote for that from Jess in A long way down. Maybe next time.

Til then, keep your stick on the ice.


Katy said...

oh, Juno was amazing! I'm so glad that you saw it. Did you laugh a ton? or is the depression too much?

"I've got to pee like Seabiscuit"

Sarah Louise said...

loved loved loved it, laughed--it was better than therapy. (Not that I laugh in therapy...)

and it was so smart. so well done. and the soundtrack.

READERS OF THIS BLOG: Run, do not walk, to the nearest multiplex and watch this movie. It will make you believe in the beauty of life again.

Sandy Stover said...

the first half of season six was on sale at the ge in the waterworks when i was there on friday (sorry for not specifying that on friday)

Katrina said...

Thank you for the movie recommendation. I do want to see it--now I may actually pay to see it at the theater instead of waiting for the DVD!

Your post made me want some tortellini. Mmmm...midnight munchies strike again! (Okay, so they're an hour early tonight.)

KitchenKiki said...

hmmm haven't seen a movie in a while. It's hard to get HP out to see one & The Girl is too busy being a teenager to entertain

Sarah Louise said...

oh yummy, look at all these comments!! Katrina, it's been ages, I truly have to change you over on my "roll" to your new locale.

and yes, this is definately a go to the multiplex.

Kisses to all y'all, thanks for commenting! I already have most of today's post on the brain, but my off-line life (ie paying bills before I go to therapy before I go to meetings...)

I will most likely go see Juno again, as Waterworks has instituted $5.00 all day Mondays.

SneakyPeek said...

SL, you hang in there.
I haven't seen Juno but I sure do know what its like to cry in the bathroom stall at the end of a touching movie.
You will have your happy ending, I know you will.