Wednesday, April 30, 2008

happy birthday to Princess Julianna and Queen Beatrix!

Can you tell I'm Dutch? I called my folks because I needed someone to tell me to go for a walk and my mother said, of course you should it's a beautiful day and the last day of April. and my dad said something about Queen Beatrix that my mother didn't get, so she handed him the phone. Go google it. I have to take a quick shower and run off to sing to babies.

So, I think I forgot to post yesterday. Well, so I won't be winning a prize for napoblomo. oh well. Tomorrow is May 1st!!

okay, gotta go.

I'm thinking I want an ipod. Because I don't think I've EVER heard the last song on the Wedding Bell Blues soundtrack and it's really a nice one. (You know, b/c a CD starts back on the first song if you're using a Discman or somesuch.) Rambling, gotta go.

okay, really going now.


Helen said...

You will be doing the May napoblomo, too, right? Your writing is always a delight to read. You are a very creative personality. Seriously!

Sarah O. said...

I read your blog every day and hope you keep it up. BTW, you can cheat (ahem, not that I would know anything about that). When you write a new post, you can click the words "post options" and select the date you'd like your entry to show. This is good for days when you're so full of ideas you could post twice.

Sarah Louise said...

Thanks to you both. Sometimes I think I'm just writing drivel...I will be blogging in May, just not on voices in particular, and possibly not every single day. And yes, I know about the date thing-y (ahem, not that I would, but you know.)

Oh and I just got another comment as I'm writing this. I heart google desktop...