Thursday, April 24, 2008

making it stop...

This post is all about using letters. See? I've already typed two, almost three sentences using them.

So I'm having a Facebook clean out. Yes, I am no longer a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. (Sorry Alyssa.) Yes, I have gotten rid of Hatching eggs, Cute gifts, Circles of friends, and FB house. Yes, I even got rid of LeapTag, after recommending it to all my friends.

I even got rid of "Pieces of flair" right after accepting one.


Because, folks, if it doesn't make me smile or giggle (throwing a sheep? Hysterical!) or if I only have three or fewer friends's just not worth it!

I remember a presenter from the Web 2.0 seminar at PLA (that's Public Library Association for you non-library folks) saying: "Lonely is bad." What she meant: try a few Web 2.0 things. If they don't catch on, take them down, try something else. again. and again.

I am not a furry pet person. Sorry, I'm just not. They do not make me smile. My sister playing with her rabbit, that makes me smile, because I love my sister. I love flowers. But don't send me one every-single-day.

Which brings me to this blog. Oh my goodness I need to make it more fun or something. Because I need something on this doggone Web 2.0 that makes turning on the computer in the morning worth the electricity it takes...

I have started a "librarian" blog using my real name (email me if you know me, I'll give you the link.) Oh my goodness. It is so boring, it puts me to sleep. But I plan to persevere...even if I need spell check to tell me I misspelled persevere. Twice now!

Oh, I even got rid of the "books" application on FB. Which is probably a good thing, as I belong to LibraryThing, WorldCat, and some one that all my church friends belong to. I might ditch that one. Because it's lonely, my friends, and it doesn't make me giggle. But I don't even remember what it's called, so I don't think it's at the top of my list of things to do. (Neither is laundry, come to think.) I think it begins with an S...

Maybe I'll go throw a sheep at someone. Oh, the noise they makes me smile and giggle. And that's why I pay for broadband, after all.

(Somebody shoot me now!)


elena jane said...

enjoy your declutter clean out!! FB is addicting...all those applications and things to do!!

Sandy Stover said...

it makes noise when you throw things on superpoke?!

alyssa said...

I knew you hated me. And the Steelers. (kidding, of course!)

Seriously I click "ignore" on at least 98% of those things. I find them completely obnoxious.

Amy A. said...

I think I recently threw some cake at you. But I don't get it. When people poke at me, is it because they don't have anything to say to me but want me to know they are out there?

It's a whole new world out there.

Wanna play some scramble? :)

cuneyt said...

you got rid of LeapTag?!?!? ouuuch. that hurts us. please come back :-)

but seriously, i understand you got rid of some of the silly apps. they get boring after a while, but we really would like to know why you got rid of LeapTag. we were hoping our app would be more sticky.