Thursday, May 01, 2008

Do you hear voices?

(standard question in a psychiatric evaluation.)

Voices is the "theme" for May's NaPoBloMo. Friends, I don't think I can guarantee a post per day in a month that includes Mother's Day, a trip to the Nut (my folk's house), the publishing and sending of the resume and cover letter (which I worked on some more this morning) and a lot of possible goodbyes.

I think about voice though, a lot in blogging. I know I have a sassier persona sometimes when I get in the groove of "being Sarah Louise." And a more business like tone when writing cover letters. I'm trying to not have it be form letter-ish, but how many ways can you say, "I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Well, let's try:

"Let's not say goodbye at the end of this missive, let's say fare thee well, and fare me well when you reply."
"Call me, we'll do lunch. I'll have my people call your people..."
"I will sit by the phone everyday until you call." (or) "I will keep my emailbox open, waiting for your reply." (or) "I will sit out by the road at the mailbox and I will flag down the mail man every time I see him."
"You read my words. You call me. I come in, you interview me. Deal?"

This "coming out of your comfort zone," well, it's NOT comfortable.

I finished "Certain Girls." The Pens lost in a shut out, 0-3, to the Rangers. It rained so I missed walking this morning. Or more truthfully, I chose to get on the computer first this morning and when I was ready to walk, it was raining. One of these things made me cry. And that thing made me want even more to write, so that I could capture a moment in words. I may have to re-read it.

On the way home, I listened to the call-in show for Pens fans. And even though our team lost, everyone was so kind. "We lost that game fair and square." (After work, I went to a nearby pizza shop to finish reading my book, finish watching the game, and feed my hungry stomach.)

Another thing people do with their voices is sing. So here's one for you: "Goodnight sweetheart, well it's time to go..."


cuileann said...

:I'm trying to not have it be form letter-ish, but how many ways can you say, "I look forward to hearing from you soon.":

Urgh. Things like this are what make the job market truly scary.

cuileann said...

Hello, hello, I just tagged you for a book meme! Feel free to decline if you don't feel like it.