Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whoa-O, cause I'm the taxman...

Dear lovelies,

So my IRA deposit got mailed in the dark of night last night, my city taxes got filed online a few minutes ago (a paltry 4 cents means no payment or credit), and I have to stop by the P.O. on the way to WBS. Which I should be leaving for in 2 minutes.

Broke up with latest therapist last night, went over to Sally's and said, "do you have wine?" To which she replied, "Is the pope Catholic? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?" I had two small glasses as I attempted to deposit the money from the sale of stocks that would be the money to fund my IRA. I cursed everything, saying NEXT YEAR I will NOT be doing this the night before. It was lovely when the bank "refused" my online (scanned) deposit. We re-jiggered the check and it worked, woo-hoo!

Drove to the grocery store, did a mini-shop.

Came home, finished the little bit of rum that remained in the bottle, and off to dreamland.

Now, readers here know that I don't often drink two glasses of wine and have a little bit of rum, but the whole break-up with the therapist was not fun, even though it took like five minutes. As I was telling her "this isn't going to work" I could tell I had made the right decision. But it still sucks. And I thought I had another therapist lined up, but it turns out she is also the shrink to someone I have a complex relationship with, and I think for all parties it would be better if I didn't share a shrink with someone I might be talking about...

In other news, today is the release of the Juno DVD! And Blu-ray, which our library now carries! Someone can send me some Juno mints on FB (hint, hint). I sent some to Katy, since she loved the movie as much as me. (Grammar...) Oh, and there's some SATC "girl's night" at South Side Works, the night the movie opens, so I'm going to call to find out more info about that. But in the meantime, I must wash my hair and get my tush off to WBS or I'll be late and all the parking spots will be taken.


Yours til niagara falls, n'at!

If I had more time I would have posted: video of Trace Atkins trying to get into the CMA awards. Maybe tomorrow. There was something else, but I can't remember.

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