Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tomorrow is the day after today...

So I was supposed to go for a walk after work. Yeah, that didn't happen. It was a long day. I had lunch with Marian and her beau, who is visiting from upstate New York. We went to Wendy's. And in between, I got a lot done, I did. But there was enough other stuff and negative energy in me (it's too easy to manufacture) that the good parts didn't make a dent. It's a shame.

Instead, I came home, watched Second Hand Lions (which might be a good movie when you're not in a rotten mood.) (C'mon, Haley Joel's hair was too well cut. He was living with those uncles long enough to grow corn, and they did not seem like the type to care about barbers.)

But right now, I'm sitting at my computer, watching the most brilliant sunset paint the sky pink, and writing to you, my dear readers. I'm eating a bowl of popcorn (because I was supposed to go to the grocery store.) (Let's not go there.) (Tomorrow I'll do dishes...)

The whole letter thing, I thought, well, I could give you another kind of letter. So here's one of my favorite blue monsters...

So now I think I'll put in the other movie I got from the library, Tea for Mussolini and hope the hairdressers have a little more reality.

The last bits of pink are peeking through the houses and trees. Thanks for sharing this moment. Depression sucks, but sunsets, popcorn, blue monsters, and readers make it worthwhile to get through to the next day. I don't have to feel better today. (But I am smiling as I write, because this is a really wonderful sunset.) And the popcorn tastes good, and I do like writing to you.

I just have to wake up tomorrow. And tomorrow is my day off.

The sunset is gone now. But I'm smiling, so that's worth it. I'll go for a walk tomorrow.



daysgoby said...

...and that's good enough for meeee....

You make me smile. I hope the popcorn's wonderful.

Sarah Louise said...


you make me smile too!


Badger said...

Second Hand Lions was filmed here, and I have friends who were on the crew, but I have NEVER seen it. Oy.

I see the sunrise most mornings, taking the kids to school, but I actually prefer sunsets. Dunno what that says about me. Maybe that I'm sleep deprived? ;)

Sarah Louise said...


Second Hand Lions is not really worth taking time to watch, imho. However, Tea for Mussolini was FAB, and will warrant a second watch, plus, now I want to read Franco Zefarelli's autobiog.

peace out,