Friday, April 18, 2008

GAH! (three letters--say it with feeling)

So I'm trying to juggle a million and one things:

  • de-clutter so as to make it easier to get the sofa out
  • talk the talk, walk the walk
  • work on getting the day bed--with the weather changing, it is not good for the twin set to live in the basement for very much longer.
  • work on getting it de-cluttered so landlord can put in a/c units.
  • (and that's not even half my list...)
  • Three bags of books/records/shoes, ready for Goodwill
  • talked to Marian, she gave me her blessing with one condition: I can't change my sports affiliations (as if! Go Pens!)
  • went for a 45 min walk after work
  • did my Beth Moore homework before work
Can't tell if Mr. FF is practicing and talking to himself or giving a lesson. Either way, it sounds like he might have gotten a real piano and sounds lovely, as I hung my wet laundry on the clotheslines (the basement/laundry area is right up against the first floor.)

This post brought to you by the letter H: I feel like I must Hurry hurry hurry. HELP!

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