Saturday, April 26, 2008

so I'm posting...

So, letters...

Oh guess what! My printer works!

In other news, the depression is creeping back. Maybe because I'm trying to:

  • recoup my life from the lost day, Tuesday at the polls.
  • find a new therapist--Monday may be the day!
  • work on getting a car to replace Lucy (and she can tell--I can't play tapes, now, they overheat.) The car doesn't have a/c...
  • getting stuff out of the apartment--We're up to 7 bags of recycling.
  • wait for landlord to install a/c in front room
  • get rid of sofa-bed, which will be a logistical challenge (challenge is a more cheerful way of saying NIGHTMARE.)
  • And being bored with cataloging (read: more than half of my job at work) doesn't help things...
  • plus, planning Summer Reading, including booking my mother for her Monarch talk (butterflies, not queens.)
As Time Goes By was quite funny tonight, Lionel and whats-her-name Dame Judi Dench are reaquainting and the humor is bitingly funny. WONDERFUL, actually.

To bed (or sofa, rather.)

tomorrow is another day. Oh, and go vote for Middle.

Oh, and I've been meaning to answer some comments and never get there:

Super Pokes are just a fun way to connect on FB. And when you throw a sheep, it makes a noise. It's the only one I know that does that (sheep=noise, I mean.)



Amy A. said...

We're doing bugs for summer reading. Becky bought a lot of cool stuff.

Hope you have a good Sunday.

Sarah Louise said...

yeah we're doing bugs too. thanks for commenting on such a blah post.

KitchenKiki said...

I did "Bug day" as a make & take project with Crayola self hardening clay last spring for an open-house. It is pretty easy & clean if you want a craft project to go along with reading.
Otherwise, I'm just stretching to be relevant.

BTW, I think I'm going to see ya soon at the Nut.

Sarah Louise said...


you are always relevant! It took me a while--the Nut. That's code for...yes! Soon!

Would love to hear more about this bug craft.