Monday, April 14, 2008

Postcard from Greensburg, PA...

Wow! So, never again will I trust Google maps for the whole trip. I may look at them, but the way they take me east, it is SO easy to get lost. And you don't want to get lost in those neighborhoods. So I went all the way to Penn Hills, got gas at $3.31 (then saw it at 3.27, oh snap!) but the rest of the day it only saw it at 3.34 and up.

The folks at the Rite Aid in Penn Hills directed me. Thankfully I sort of know Rodi Road, as there was NO SIGN saying it WAS Rodi Road. So then I abandoned the Google directions, took the directions I'd printed from the museum's site, and there was construction. I took the Turnpike all the way home, baby! Part of 66 is a toll where you pay $1.00 in coins...haven't done that in a while, throw the coins in...woo hoo!

The museum itself was wonderful. If I lived closer...their permanent collection is solid,* but the John Sloan exhibit was stunning. AND AND AND John Sloan illustrated his letters. So there were a few in the exhibit, my favorite is one he wrote to his wife, who often traveled to Philly and took a ferry. He drew himself at the ferry, waiting and it is SO CUTE.

Then in the gift shop, a guy I know from da Burgh, Justin Rothshank, some of his pottery was in the gift shop! I said to the guy at the counter, I know this guy! He was not impressed. "All of our artists are local." I continued to gush, but anyways.

Okay, this is a Smithsonian site that has some of Sloan's sketches...

*they even have a Tiffany window...sigh.

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KitchenKiki said...

I like Justin's stuff, I'm not that good!