Thursday, April 17, 2008

Letters of reference will be provided upon request...

So, since I cooked up the Big Apple idea a few days ago, I have done nothing (except add "non-shared" links to my page and look at an old resume.) Part depression, part PMS, part inertia (an object at rest...)

So today I found myself in my boss's office chatting about this and that and somehow we were able to get to that I'm getting antsy. And I was able to open up all the way (slowly, strategically) and let her know that I'm looking and she encouraged me in that, blessed me, and said, if you leave you can get the word out about our summer festival, so leave! Now! (She said this laughing.)

Oh, internets, I have not told Marian (hopefully I'll get to tell here before she reads it here...) or Sally (NOT looking forward to), but to have such a positive conversation with my boss just really boosted me. And, she actually might still know someone who works at the library system I'm looking at.

Oh, internets, this is getting good! Plus, I got to talk to Bird, my dear sister, today (who also sent me a long email today) and it was good. And although I know food is not necessarily to be coupled with celebrations (emo eating) I went to Giant Eagle and got a pint of Chubby Hubby.

I also bought a newspaper. It's been very interesting having conversations with co-workers, listening to their thoughts and concerns about the candidates. I fell asleep after the debates last night...on the sofa, in my clothes.

This post brought to you by the letters N, Y, C, and Q.


daysgoby said...


Badger said...

I heart Chubby Hubby. It's definitely good for PMS and depression. Ask me how I know.

Good luck with the NYC stuff n'at!

KitchenKiki said...

Wow, NYC. Interesting.
I think it would also satisfy some of last year's urges to be closer to home since it is an easy train ride down the NE corridor.

Follow your dreams!

Sarah Louise said...

Chubby hubby is also a good dinner substitute when your A/C units aren't installed in your third floor walk up...

yep, NYC would be mighty closer to the folks n'at--closer to you, I think, Kiki.


KitchenKiki said...

Def closer to me right now (contemplating moving, SOMEWHERE DIFFERENT, but no concrete plans)& much closer to PJ & the most adorable kids on earth!