Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'll send you a postcard...

Now, how it became 10:00 in the morning, is what I'd like to know!

I'm off to Greensburg today to the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. Pre-Max, I thought, oh, it would be so great to have someone to go to museums with, to talk with about pictures, etc. And the one time we went to the Frick was great, for me. But he adamantly never wanted to go again. (He seemed to enjoy it, but you know, a guy will do a lot of things to impress a girl...)

It's gotten cold again here, so I woke up cold, as with the 70 degree weather I had turned the thermostat waaayyy down...

Went to a super-fun going away party last night. Came home, called the folks, left a message and went to bed with "The Undecided Voter's Guide to the next President." It was a lot easier to read now that there are pretty much just three choices...I read about Hillary, half of Obama, and went to bed. This morning, I finished reading about Obama, tried to read about McCain (well, I did read most of it.) My mind is set. They all sound like fine people. The book is set up to "why x will win," "why x will lose," and mini-biographies, quotes from them, quotes from other people. If you are undecided, it is written to give you information, not to sway you. (I was a little worried, since Mark Helprin, the writer, was a speechwriter for Bob Dole. I'm sure he was for some other Republicans, but I want to be factual and Wikipedia only gave me Bob Dole.)

I'm not ready to be political. But I'll post this fascinating article that Kiki posted a while back from Slate, on Bugs Bunny vs. Daffy Duck.

I am, however, getting ready to write more about being a TCK, and will tell you that Obama, McCain, and Helprin are all TCK's too.

But for now, I'm getting dressed and on the road to see some pictures. And am I ever STARVED!

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