Friday, April 25, 2008

I need a vacation or something...

So the resume/cover letter will hopefully go in the mail next week, before it is the month of May.

Last night I left my purse at work. (My car key was in my pocket and I had my bag with me, in which I thought my purse was located...) But of course I didn't realize that was probably what had happened until I'd called my bank and Target, woo hoo for only having two kinds of cards in my wallet. Mr. FF had to let me in, wearing the t-shirt for the walk we did on the South Side steps last fall. I jimmied the lock on my apartment in about ten minutes.

A new friend on FB--someone I went to kindergarten and then jr. high, high school. Woo hoo! I don't know her well, but I'm always looking for people from high school, as I really only keep in touch with two wonderful women.

Clarification from yesterday: I'm still a Steelers fan, just not one on FB. Marian made me promise that if I move I can't change my sports affiliation and that is one thing I am dead certain of. If I ever go to a Rangers game, I'll be one of the "angry Pittsburgh fans" which if you've seen Season One of Friends as many times as I have, it's from the one where Ross gets hit with a hockey puck.

Tonight in sports: Pens vs. Rangers, home ice, playoff game.

My landlord came up with a/c #1 yesterday. I got new windows last fall, so a/c for the front windows is still to be found. It was strange to think I could be moving on--he's been my landlord since 1995! I'll definitely give him notice as soon as I know anything.

But not that I'm counting my chickens 'fore they're hatched...

Well, off eat something and then to work to reunite myself with my purse.

And, no I won't be winning any NaMoPoBlo prizes for my literary skills, writing eloquently about letters, but hey, I bet I've used the entire alphabet many times over and the month is nearing its end.

Just in case: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (Interesting Wikipedia article.)


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