Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Kitchen Meme...for Blackbird

A few days ago, Blackbird posted 50 new things about herself and pleaded for someone to send out a meme. So in the recesses of my mind, I pondered this and finally came up with one. I hopes yinz like it and play along on your blog! (Feel free to customize...)

As a person who doesn't have a "real" kitchen (It's a corner of my glorified efficiency/garret), this meme will make me look like the opposite of Martha Stewart. Folks like Kiki, Blackbird, and Babelbabe will look like queens.

In the kitchen with...Sarah Louise (humming "I'll be working on the railroad" is an important part of this meme, you know, "in the kitchen with Dinah...")

Variety is the spice of life.
In my cupboard, I have this many spices: Six.
Rack or no rack? You're kidding, right?
Alphabetize? Have you met me?
Which spice do you use most often? Dry mustard.
Which recipe? (to be posted at the bottom of meme) Sarah Louise's Strata. It's a spin-off from a recipe in The kitchen survival guide by Lora Brody.

It's like the pot calling the kettle black.
Coffee or tea? Tea
Do you make coffee at home? Um, I have coffee in tea-like bags circa 1995. They are waaay in the back. I think I should throw them out...
If you make tea, loose or in bags? Tea bags.
How many kinds of tea do you have? At least three. Raspberry, Regular, and Lady Grey.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
I use my stovetop: as a counter. (It's electric, so it's not really a fire hazard.)
I use my oven: once every couple of months, to make SL's Strata.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
Soy or cow? Cow. I tried soy and eeuu, gross!
Skim or whole? Skim.
How many gallons a week? One half.

There's nothing like rejection to make you do an inventory of yourself. (James Lee Burke)

Three items in my freezer (right now):
  1. Ice pack.
  2. Hot Pockets.
  3. Baking soda.

Three things in my fridge (right now):
  1. 2 containers with 1 serving soup each.
  2. leftovers from Lilly's Easter with her fam.
  3. Noxcema (for sunburn)

Item I am most chagrined about: expired milk (1 half gallon, 1 gallon.)

Item I bet noone else has: Autocrat Coffee Syrup (it's a Rhode Island thing--you put it in your milk. Coffee milk, yum!) (But mine is really old, so if anyone has a Rhode Island connection, email me!!)

It's a wrap! I hope Blackbird likes my new meme, and yinz also! Feel free to change the quotes.

I'm not much of a cook, but my take-out skills are top-notch (Kathy Shaksan): a link to the recipe for Sarah Louise's Strata.

My humble humble kitchen. Note how my microwave matches my cabinets. And yes, that's all the cabinets I have.


Badger said...

This is a way-swell meme! I will try to do it over the weekend.

blackbird said...

I'm definitely lifting this...and then I'm coming right over to straighten up that wee kitchen!
(it's what I do)

Amy said...

This is adorable!!! I'll have to do this, but I'll wait until I can post a pic of my kitchen to go with it. Well done SL!!! Very creative!!

KitchenKiki said...

Ok, I have meme'd . If I had a kitchen that small I'm not sure how much cooking I would do either. Actually, I guess my apartment kitchen was around that size, I still cooked, just not as often.

Very Fun, Great Meme!

MsCellania said...

Good Job, SL!
I may try to post photos some time this week - no time for bloggery goodness yet.

KitchenKiki said...

I'm only leaving a comment now because I like the wv: zomgu
And I get to type it. zomgu zomgu zomgu.

I think I'm going to get a fish, just so I can name it zomgu.

Have a good night!

jenny said...

I can TOTALLY hook you up with the coffee syrup! I'd never heard of it until I moved to Massachusetts...I'm not a fan but I know I'm in the minority...

I love my kitchen...and I need a post...I'm in.

Caro said...

That was a fun one!

Your kitchen is as clean as mine. I feel better now.

And definitely throw out that coffee!

Sarah Louise said...

You guys! Just so you know, I just had the WORST day--and yous just made me smile.



MsCellania said...

I'm sorry you had a terrible day.
I broke my posting fast to do a photo post! This is a great Meme.

weirdbunny said...

We bought loads of spices back from Greneda in the Caribean 3 years ago. Of course they are all still sitting in their packages unopened. Actually that's a lie, I did use the cinammon sticks to decorate my christmas tree. I am using still the giant style vanilla essence bottle in everything. I don't think it will ever run out, and is probably well past it's sell by date. Anyhow who cares it still tases nice, and I haven't fallen ill from it yet.

paula said...

Nice meme SL! I'll give it a go later in the week when things are less busy around here. I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest!