Thursday, April 19, 2007

I think, therefore I blog...

It could happen to you--it happened to me!! I have been bestowed the "Thinking blogger award" by Diane, of Going to Pieces.

Now, before you get all cynical on me, yes, I have seen enough, I know this is a meme. But it's pretty cool to get an email from someone you've never met, whose blog you've never seen, to say, Hey, you make me think! We all like to be liked, even us thinkers.

If you want to read more about the Thinking blogging movement (it's sort of like the Alice's Restaurant movement), here's a link to an article in Blog Herald. It is a meme, but like blogs do, it gives power to the individual blogger. Oh, and here's where it all started, on the thinking blog.

Anyways, the way it works, is that I then bestow the "Thinking blogger award" on five unsuspecting bloggers.

This was hard, but I was able to narrow it down, since some of the folks I would have named already have been!

So here goes, in alphabetical order:

1. Behind the Stove: Babelbabe's blog (that she shares with Gina) is the first blog I ever read. She writes about books, her three boys, her cats, and the latest aquistion, a dog. Her trademark is using quotes as titles for her postings. I love her template, which is very book-ish. She is often funny, and she always makes me think. She's also a librarian, so we have that in common.

2. Biscotti Brain: I found Erin's blog through bobbie's blog (see below). Erin is thoughtful and surprising. Here is how she describes her blog and her thought process: "Rarely is once-in-the-oven enough for my thoughts. They resurface, triggered by a piece of brilliance composed by someone else, and beg for reshaping... re-baking (rethinking)... and then finally consumption." She also makes very cool purses, I keep forgetting to order one...

3. Emerging Sideways: bobbie and I met in 2005. Right BEFORE she moved off to Canada. bobbie was one of the first folks that commented on my blog that didn't know me. She is a fascinating lady, and very fun. Why oh why did she have to move?? (But she's happy where she is, so I guess that's a good thing.)

4. Kiki, out of the kitchen and on the komputer: My cousin, Kiki, who just started blogging this February amazes me. She cooks, she does pottery, and she is very witty. Plus, it's very cool that we share a lot of childhood memories.

5. Mixed with Sugar: Paula came onto the blogosphere about a year ago and her photographs are wonderful. (She also has a photo blog...) She premiered on the blogosphere with a Show and Tell, back when it was a Thursday staple on Blackbird's blog. She has an aesthetic sense that I always enjoy.

Go forth and read! and think!


paula said...

SL you're sweet to add me. Yes, it is cool to get an e-mail saying you make someone think. I hope its only ever good stuff that I bring to mind.

KitchenKiki said...

Thanks for including me. I know my blog is primarily fluff, but I like to dwell on the fluff sometimes in order to not focus on the other stuff. I'm not sure about making anyone "think" but if I can makes some one hungry enough to try to make something, or interested in checking out some pottery (yes, please support your local potter)it is good.

Thanks for the thinker! (I'll try to not to be a stinker?)


Sarah Louise said...

P: So grateful you continue to blog.

K: fluff is more important than you might think. There are industries based on FOOD and POTTERY, and if I can think about how good homemade food can be, maybe I'll make some...or come visit you...


nutmeg said...

I had read that this could be seen as a meme - that's fine. It's just nice to know we aren't here in a vacuum and some people like to read what you have to say. Only connect!

Sarah Louise said...


"only connect" is one of my mottos.