Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I need a nap!!

Okay, so remember I had wicked insomnia Monday night into Tuesday morning? I then went to work, worked from 11:45 until 6pm, got some Wendy's, changed into jeans, and went to the OD discussion group. Stayed there until about 9:30, upon reaching home, I talked to my mom about our summer travel plans--MONTANA for my dad's 65th, put together a list of names for the Silpada consultant to follow up on, and crashed. (Well, I did read some more of Death at Wentwater Court, the first Daisy Dalrymple mystery--v.g.)

I slept ten hours.

I came to work and was rather chipper until lunch. What is it about the midday meal that makes us all into walking zombies? At 2, I had my requisite daily cup of decaf and since then it has taken every inch of my willpower to not crawl onto the floor and take a nap.

Tonight I'll call the folks that said "maybe" they could come Saturday. I'm afraid my bravado of this morning "I'll invite some coworkers and I'll get outside orders too!" is ALL GONE.

And in 25 minutes, I'll be back on the reference desk...

I've been researching mother daughter book clubs--I'm thinking of a total re-vamp for mine: change the name, change the graphic we use for the signage and bookmarks. The group is for fourth and fifth grade girls and their moms/significant women in their lives.

So far I've come up with "Tweens and Moms Reading Together." Laura said it's kind of long, and does that mean it's boys too? So then I came up with "Reading: Tween Girls and Moms" which is a little bizarre, I mean who attends a club whose title has a colon in the title? So let's see, "Tween Girls and Moms Reading?" Any and all suggestions will be taken into consideration, dear reader.

I so want a nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 minutes til I'm on the reference desk.


Badger said...

Bookish Moms and Tweens?

I dunno, I need a nap too!

Iamthebookworm said...

I'm really bad at program and list titles. I usually get my clever co-worker to do it. Maybe just Tween girls and moms? But then you wouldn't have the reading part in. I want a nap too!

SneakyPeek said...

Ditch the Tween's. I have one. They don't like being labeled.

How about Reading To Expand Your Mind.

Or The Road Less Traveled.

Or Book Bonding.

Or Page Knights.

Or Reading Together.

Or use an acronym. I can think of none right now but you get the idea.

This is exhausing no wonder you need a nap!

Sarah Louise said...

SP--oh good to know!

How about Book Bonding with Moms and Girls?

IATBW: I have a clever co-worker too. I'll ask her tomorrow when she's in.

Or, like Badger said, Bookish Moms and Girls...

I dunno, I need another nap. OR just bedtime--I had two department meetings today (one for each department that I work in the library...)