Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's spring, and it's time to trash pick!!

So this is the shelf. (Note the butterfly sticker--cute!) I'd been wanting something for the basement, was thinking a la Home Depot utility shelf, but this was better, because a) it was free 2) it is nice--custom-made and finally, I didn't have to assemble it, just clean it up. (It took me two hours and lotsa Method brand cleaner...)

A "before" shot of the glass panels. The red one is a mirror (backwards, in this shot), which fits in the bottom.

Another "before" shot, this with my bucket, ready to clean.

Did I tell the story of this pick? Well, I was driving home from...somewhere, on Monday, and saw it. I slowed down, stopped to take a look, and drove straight to EE (East End) Sally's house. She wasn't home, but I caught her on her cell at Aldi. I promised to help her unload her groceries if she'd help me pick this shelf (she has a station wagon.) So, with my key (I love that!) I let myself in, fixed some water for me, and some for her, and then sat in the sun of her backyard until she showed up. I helped her bring in the groceries, and whilst she put them away, I played "soccer" with her youngest, Frank. He is such a cutie. Then we drove off to get the shelf. I hadn't realized the shelves came out, which made it so much easier to tote.

Here it is in its new habitat:

I imagine when/if I move, this will go with me, and be used for nicer things than my basement clutter, but for now, it serves the purpose.

A side shot.

My next project!! No real cleaning required, this one is from NH (North Hills) Sally, and I'll move it up on Monday afternoon. She'll then get the drawer/file cabinet hutch that my printer is currently on.

I love my Sallys!!

(Yes, I know the one shelf is crooked, but it was free, and I'll deal. When it enters its new habitat, I'll post pictures.)

Go hug someone!! I'm off to get ready for brunch with the gals--oh, and I have a new art project, but I might not unveil it til it's done...and I still haven't posted pix of my Station. But at least they're now downloaded from my camera...

Also, I saw Babs again this morning with Fred--he is such a nice dog. And I think I met a woman who is running for school board...

She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs at the time to come... (Proverbs 31:25)


weirdbunny said...

Nothing like furniture for free !! Congratulations on your new shelves ... Love Julia x

Sandy Stover said...

Brunch was fun! I'm still thinking about that sunrise! And it seems you met Heather Arnet, did she have a little boy with her?