Thursday, April 26, 2007

bits and pieces of a metro DC life...

You know I'm tired when I bring up old posts from FEBRUARY...this was from my momma's birthday weekend.

When I come to NOVA (Northern Virginia, for the uninitiated), I do all sorts of fun things. Including reading the local newspaper, the Washington Post. (or as some bloggers* call it, the WaPo)

"We'll have the goose napkins, because Friday I have to be a goose." (Mama)

Twinkle, twinkle, Little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea-tray in the sky. (Lewis Carroll)

Cross Patch, draw the latch,
Sit by the fire and spin,
Take a cup and drink it up,
Then call your neighbors in. (Mother Goose)

(from a Tea book from the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

There were the five nations of Native Americans that had slaves! And now the Cherokees are trying to purge their nation of these folks (such a small amt, it seems to me, out of 250,000, there are 2,800 that are registered "freedmen).

The bathrooms in DC schools are substandard.

We had presents for mama's bday last night. The girls (mama, sis, and I) sang "When you're 64."

My papa has been to Chicago and he sent us all postcards. He sent them all to 304 Nut St, even mine. He also brought back gifts n' things. He used to always do that when he came home from a trip when we were little. My sister and I each got a "stained glass" Frank Lloyd Wright inspired art pin, and my mom got a whole bunch of stuff, including, I think, chocolate. Well, it was her birthday, after all.

We went to a French restaurant to celebrate--wow! and then to the movies: "Amazing Grace." Pops fell asleep as is his M.O. But the rest of us were awake. I loved it so much that when I returned to da Burgh I went to see it again.

Today, in da Burgh: I've been cleaning and cleaning. North Hills Sally came over this morning and for two hours we cleaned and de-cluttered--I must have returned over 20 books to the library today and I have a box of books for Goodwill in the car, plus some shoes and some other stuff I'll not be needing.

Talked to my Aunt Perk tonight. I have a short list of folks I can call while driving--my nuclear family is against it, so that excludes Mama, Papa, Sis and Bro. I already talked to Kelly earlier--she's coming to the party on Saturday--I think it will be a nice party--so I called Aunt Perk, who drives long distances and always talks whilst driving. She is my favorite aunt. Well, I guess my only living one...she's my mom's sister and an oldest, like me. Her late husband was also an oldest (my parents are both youngests) and during college I spent holidays with them sometimes and often felt more at home with them than with my own parents because they acted like, well, oldests. My uncle was very bossy, but generally right. And my aunt is one of the most beautiful Christians I know. And she loves her family and they know it.

I probably could keep writing, but I'm exhausted. Yawn...

*well, not in this post, she doesn't, but the post I linked to is a very cool article about Joshua Bell and an experiment he participated with the WaPo. It's amazing.

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