Saturday, April 14, 2007

If you keep a green tree in your heart, perhaps the singing bird will come (Chinese Proverb)

Letter writing--I long to return to it. "Stamps, envelopes..." (from You've Got Mail.)

Slow blogging--I want to discover what that means.

Journalling--writing for me, and not necessarily in complete sentences.

The Slow Movement. (I'm intrigued...)

Drinking tea (or hot chocolate.) I spent two hours at Tazza tonight just talking across a table. What a treasure, to have conversation. To make connections. To tell stories, to listen to stories.

Savoring and finishing a book, (and using a few tissues).

I have found a new blog, and I am intrigued. Wendy Waterbirde at Letters from Bluebird Abbey has created a little nook, with a few intertwined blogs...and her focus is very monastic. I knew I would like this blog when I saw that she used Isaiah 54 as part of her "banner."

Verses 11 and 12 are probably worn thin to gold, if that is what happens to verses that are read and absorbed and dreamed and wished on. I would pick East End Sally up at the hospital where she worked so that she wouldn't have to catch the 11 o'clock bus when she worked nights. I would sit in the car, with my Bible, and somehow, this was the passage I always returned to. The entire chapter is good, but these verses became mine:

"O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted,
behold, I will set your stones in antimony,
and lay your foundations with sapphires.
I will make your pinnacles of agate,
your gates of carbuncles,
and all your wall of precious stones." (Isaiah 54:11-12, ESV)

Some versions read, "O afflicted city" but I prefer the RSV and the ESV and the KJV, as I put myself in that place, the afflicted one, stormed tossed, and definately NOT comforted. It is not so much that I want sapphires, agate, but that I want what the rest of the chapter promises: compassion, no more shame, and that no weapon fashioned against me will succeed.

So I finished a book tonight, What a girl wants, (Christian chick lit) and cried at the end. Because it was good.

And yes, I called Em on the way to work and left a message on her voice mail. I probably will write more about how I feel about that in my journal. As I come (soon!) upon the close of my second year of blogging I'm learning a lot about what it means to put myself "out here" and how to "ponder some things in my heart."

The rain is pitter patting outside my window. I think it's time to brush my teeth and say goodnight.

The sun
has gone
to bed
and so must I...

(from The Sound of Music, of course)


KitchenKiki said...

I am a little familiar with the slow food movement from reading food blogs and books but haven't investigated the whole philosophy yet. I would happily buy most of my ingredients from a farmers market if I could.

As to letter writing, other than thank you notes I think the last letter I wrote was to you. I was describing my garden if I recall. And I used watercolor paper because I didn't have any real stationary.

Anonymous said...


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