Monday, April 09, 2007

Where's my blogroll??

Okay, so this is why you stick to using the in-house technology--so that when it's broken, everything's broken. I can't access all my "updated" bloggy blogs!

I need to update my (did I spell that right) page so that I have my favorite links somewhere else...

And in other news, I am paying WAY too much for phone service. Does anybody do VOIP?

I was out doing errands all day n'at. I have to eat dinner and do stuff, so I'll catch yins later.


Sarah Louise said...

It's back! Alleluia!!

Amy said...


I have a cell phone and then the absolute most basic of basic phone plans for my home (no long distance, no regional calling...basically a use only in emergencies sort of deal). Then I only make friends with people who have Verizon. LOL Well, that's what they want you to do, right?

jenny said...

I have VoIP but beware...Vonage is in a legal MESS with Verizon.