Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ride, Paul, ride!!

With tax day in the US being yesterday, today snuck up on me. It was only after I posted a comment on Nutmeg's blog (SHE'S BACK-woo hoo!) and saw the date of my post that I realized what today is.

If you do too, recite it along with me:

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year... (read the rest here)

My grandmother, a true poetry lover (and teacher) drilled this into my mother (not so much a poetry lover, but also a teacher) and she drilled it into me. I wonder if my other sibs (there's a ten year difference between us, so we had different childhoods) absorbed this poem.

Of course, because I never really memorized it, and the eighteenth of April part is the most important part to me, I always mangle the first stanza and start off with "It was the eighteenth of April in Seventy-five..." and then I get lost...

In some states (Massachusetts?) today is celebrated as Liberty day or something. And the reason why tax day was not Monday (April 16) was that Lincoln emancipated the slaves in DC (our nation's capitol) before the rest of the slaves were emancipated, so it's a holiday there.

The Pens lost last night. To stay in the playoffs, they need to win the next three games. I figure, Mario just needs to announce something big the day of each game and they'll rally. (Every time there's been a big announcement, the Pens have won, and big.) No, I'm not linking this paragraph, I highly doubt I have too many readers that care about Penguins hockey, and if you care that much, YOU do the searching. I gotta get ready for work!

So yesterday was National Library Worker's Day and we went on a field trip. To other libraries, of course. I took pictures, and I'll post them later this week. My car and my sense of direction having a clear allergic reaction to the South Hills, instead of staying South East and going more East, I went North. Instead of ending up in the South Hills, I ended up in Oakmont. (Like eight pages off the map, if you're looking at a map book of Pittsburgh.) I thought going through Plum was an odd way to get to Upper Saint Clair...

Today is the Big Visit. People from other libraries are coming to visit us. As we are the sole library in the consortium with OCLC privileges, I'm giving a demonstration of how that works. I'll be using a 7 cassette audio version of Confessions of a Shopaholic to demonstrate how records merged badly when we joined the consortium--our item record merged onto a record that has 8 audio cassettes. (I'm sure many of you read this last paragraph as whawhawhawhawha, you know, like the adults in Charlie Brown TV specials.)

Anyways, I missed my chiro appt on Monday, so I'm going today. Which means I better run if I'm to get a shower.

Remember to give each other lots of hugs. As the news filters through, it turns out that two of the injured students were from this area and the sole PA fatality was too.

Here's a link to those who died Moday, courtesy the New York Times website.

I'm outta here!

(Although I have much much more to tell you...)


bobbie said...

patriot's day - it was in maine too - and our library was closed! ha!

Sarah Louise said...

Our library never closes. We are open all days except for New Year's Day, Christmas Eve and Day, and Thanksgiving. Oh, and Easter. And staff in-service. All those little holidays--we are open. During the school year, we're open 7 days, including Friday evenings. In the summer, we're open 6 days a week.