Friday, April 20, 2007

Sarah Louise lives here

Sometimes I wonder if I am a glutton for pain. Of the de-cluttering kind.

In two Saturdays, (which is actually only eight? days from today) I am hosting a Silpada jewelery party. My mother was like, why??? And my response was, the lady who is the consultant is my friend and it's a way for me to invite my friends into my house--I heart parties.

It has been heart wrenching. EVERYONE and their sister, cousin, aunt is going out of town. Or doesn't wear jewelery. Or doesn't read their email. Out of like thirty five women emailed, I have four maybes and I haven't heard a yes from one of them, so I don't know if the "official invitations" went out...

I honestly could care less about free jewelery, though Silpada's ware is very nice (click on ze link), I just want to have some folks over.

Enter the second obstacle: my apartment. Remember the 12 year thing? How I'm trying to lose those twelve years of clutter? Well, like any diet, one must be CONSISTENT. So. not. me. Right now you can hardly see any floor AT ALL.

So my weekend (what weekend? I work today 1-9, tomorrow 9-5, Sunday 1-5) will consist of two things: getting on the phone and getting some folks to commit to coming and de-cluttering this hovel of a garret. Ugh.

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Caro said...

I have eight years of decluttering to do. Yikers.

I hope your party is successful.

I never read Winn Dixie, just saw the movie, but the book is almost always better. But you know that because you're a librarian.