Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am Lucy... (and other random thoughts on a Tuesday morning)

You have a strong sense of responsibility toward others and a deep respect for other people, even strangers, though you are not always sure what the best course of action is. You are Lucy, the brave child who who is wise beyond her years and kind to all she meets.

My dad sent me this meme/quiz back in Lent and it re-introduced me to Beliefnet. He was Lucy too. He sent me an email saying good thing it wasn't Lucy Van Pelt (of the Peanuts.)

The flags are back at full mast--thankfully, I don't think we honor foreign dignataries or writers. (Sorry Boris and David*, I'm ready to stop thinking about loss.) (Yes, I realize how crass that would sound to those who really WILL be missing these two dear men.)

And in the category of covers that should not have been EVER allowed:
In the category of THANK GOD it was covered: Donna Summer singing MacArthur Park. It was originally recorded by Richard Harris (thank you, wikipedia) and that was surely the song I heard on my Standards/Golden Oldies station last night. ACK!

I had a GREAT day yesterday. Due to overstimulation and potential PMS, I was awake until 4:30 a.m. So instead of falling asleep to "That Thing You Do" I got to watch the whole thing. And due to my strung out, sleep deprived state, I wept at the end. (It's a COMEDY.) Okay, off to work.

*Yesterday we lost Boris Yeltsin and David Halberstam.


Katrina said...

I haven't taken the quiz, but I bet I'm probably Susan. Constantly struggling to balance the need to be grown up with a delight in the unexpected and whimsical.

(I can't believe I left you off of my blogroll post--a total oversight, I assure you, as you are one of my favorite bloggers! I've rectified the situation. :D)

Sarah Louise said...

K--amazed that you could figure out who you were without taking the quiz. I was so afraid I'd end up being one of the witches...

and no worries...on the blogroll thing-y.



Badger said...

I'm Mr. Tumnus. Not bad!

KitchenKiki said...

I am Lucy too. I guess I have to read those to find out what it means...

Chris Cornell from Soundgarten does a really well crafted cover of Billie Jean. search Yahoo music videos if you are interested, but I thought it was cool