Friday, April 13, 2007

Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility. (James Thurber)

I don't think I'm tranquil enough to recount yesterday with humor. Let's just say, there was huge emotional chaos going on.

In other news:

  • 7 have become 6: Handsome has been born! My friend Caty has been preggers for a very long time (they kept moving her due date: oh, it's on St. Patty's day, no, it's the 24th, no...) As far as I know, she delivered regularly, and all are recovering nicely. (So now I have six pregnant friends.)

Marian (the Librarian) and I had a laugh yesterday: as I went off to dinner around 4:30, I saw her car and thought, oh, is she working tonight I wonder? I drove off to Wendy's, chattering on the cell my life story to my friend Dee. Got off the phone at my point of arrival, went in, ordered my meal, sat down. Started reading my book, and who comes to ask if she can join me but Marian? It was so nice to sit across from someone! After dinner, we went off to our separate cars. I was in the lead to get back to the library, but we walked from our cars together. Hee!

Today we're doing the Wendy's thing again, but more efficiently: there's a teleconference on "the best websites" or some such and so I'm running off to Wendy's for take-out lunch, and we'll eat together during the teleconference.

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting developments: last night, (in the throes of my emotional chaos) I called Em's cell and hung up when I got her voice mail. Will I be brave enough to leave a message next time? Am I ready to...I miss her SO much. Building bridges, forgiveness, white flags...they are never easy things to do. It's times like these I think of A Bargain for Frances: Thelma is tricky and Frances' mum warns her to be careful. But Frances would rather be friends than be careful. It is a book that comes back to me time and again as I think about how tricky friendships can be.

Look-at-the-time, off I go to Wendy's!!


Amy A. said...

Hi SL! I love your little kitchen, but do you bonk your head when you do dishes?

Happy to catch up with you a little. Be brave and leave that message! Life is short.

Sarah Louise said...

No, I don't bonk my head. My father might.

I think tomorrow I will be brave.

KitchenKiki said...

Take a deep breathe. Decide if you were happier with the person in your life or with out and if the answer is with, make the call.

Good Luck!

Sarah Louise said...

Well, and I was, so I did. ACK!!

Bellezza said...

A Bargain For Frances! Someone else who knows that wonderful book, which I've wanted to purchase and can only find for ridulous sums in the three digits. To me, it depicts almost every girl I knew in elementary school. But, I most admire Frances for her balls of steel. So to speak.

Sarah Louise said...

I had a record or a cassette for A Bargain for F...and so when I saw extra copies at Fox books, cheap, I scarfed them all. They've made good gifts.