Friday, April 06, 2007

boonyackis unite... (or in which I realize again the pull of family)

I am such a hypocrite, it seems. What is it that Walt Whitman says? I contradict myself? I don't have time to look it up.

The maternal side of my family celebrates Easter at the beach. I just got to talk to my cousins on the phone--people I only ever see at funerals, since no one's gotten married in EONS. I suppose they're waiting for me.

When my cousin's wife came on and said, "I wish you were here" my heart melted, and I thought, ME, the one who had such a hissy fit over everyone going away for Easter, oh, wouldn't it be great to be there with the cousins next year? GAH!

So sue me. Gotta get ready for work--REALLY.


Caro said...

Too bad you can't skip work and go to the beach!

paula said...

You should plan to go next year and have a wonderful time no matter what.

Sarah Louise said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that's the plan!!