Monday, April 02, 2007

oot for a day*

The parents have arrived! The parents have arrived! They inspected looked at my apartments, liked the two new bookshelves, my mother said of one of the ones leaving, "It's Ikea." (Well, it still doesn't fit in my garret.) (Her tone said, "How can you get rid of this, it's Ikea.") World domination? More like Universal control. (sorry, that's a joke based on Youngest's Spring Break List...go read blackbird and make sure you get down to Babs' comment.)

Anyways, if I'm to shower, I better boogey. I spent way too long over at a Fuse #8 production (down on my book blogs list) (I'm not doing links--I gotta go take a shower!!).

We're going to a glass factory? In Connelsville? Yeah, my dad has this thing about glass, he's wanted to go for awhile. Off we go! I'm hoping to get them to go with me to Reign on Me, since it looks good, just not the sort of movie I'd want to see alone (my normal M.O.)

CiaoziƱo! (I think it's Italian merged with Polish--it's a Louise family creation.)

*out of town. I stole it from bobbie, who also is going away.

Oh, I'll do links...


Amy said...

I'm so glad you have visitors and wonderful field trips with company! Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!!!

emilyspaint said...

Hey! It was nice meeting you too. Thank you for the compliment on my art. I hope you are enjoying this sunny and lovely day!

Sandy Stover said...

there's a pretty cool glass exihibit at the history museum, if you need something to entertain your parents with.

Anonymous said...

make your dad come back to the burghh in a month or so:

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